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August 31, 2021
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"The Role of Every Hero is to Unite People" 

Next Sunday, September 5th: "The Steady Drip of Sacrifice"
Upcoming Events
Come in! We are open!
Join us for Sunday morning worship in our 
Agape' MCC Sanctuary at 10:30AM 
Join us for Sunday Morning Worship
at 10:30AM on Facebook Live.

We will continue streaming our worship services on FB Live as part of our Sunday worship experience.

With the most recent change to the CDC Guidelines, we strongly encourage all of our community to maintain social distancing and wear masks when attending our live services.

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It's Zoom Spirit Cafe' Wednesday!

Please join us via Zoom as we share a time of connection filled with laughter, meaningful conversation and maybe play a game or two.

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Coming to Spirit Café on Wednesday, September 8, at 6:30

Taosim, a course created by Glenda Taylor and facilitated by Rev. David Wynn.

Glenda Taylor writes:
“This is for me one of the favorite things that I have presented through the years, through story-telling, art, references to history, and through other means, in workshops and lectures in several states and now online. I consider it so valuable to us at this particular time, as it explores a way of life that brings peace of mind and serenity of spirit, even in chaotic times like what we are experiencing today. Taoism is an ancient Chinese wisdom. This self-paced seven-lesson course is packed with audio and video content, suggestions for contemplation and activity, quotations and vocabulary, suggestions for further study, and a great deal more. All seven lessons are free for now.”

Follow this link to begin the course,

Follow this link to discover more about the gifted teacher Glenda Taylor,

We will begin with check in as is our ritual when we gather. This course is self-paced so there are not requirements for how you choose to engage it. We will talk about Lesson 1 on September 8. Whether you’ve looked at the lesson or not, you are still invited to come be part of the discussion.  

Agape' MCC
Celebrating 50 Years of Love
Thank you to everyone who helped prepare, serve and consume the yummy ice cream. We had a great gathering with perfect weather. God is good!
September 25, 2021 at 6:00PM
Be sure to mark you calendars! We will have popcorn and drinks for this special family event. Everyone is welcome! We will provide additional details soon, watch this space!
We are closing in on that time of year again, the Annual Congregational Meeting. We will be providing information related to the meeting over the next couple of months. Please mark your calendars with these important dates:

Congregational Forum - November 07, 2021 following morning worship
Congregational Meeting - November 14, 2021 following morning worship

There are 3 Board of Director positions up for election this year. If you are interested in running for one of the 3 position, please print and fill out The Application for the Board of Directors position by clicking on this link: BOD Application

Please return the application no later than September 12th to either Rev. Wynn, Cassy Batts or Leigh Wolfer.
Community Corner
Come Together to Support
Afghan Women and Girls
“Safety and security of women and children will determine the well-being and strength of our nations” - Rajnath Singh
The Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan has put the rights -- and lives -- of hundreds of thousands of Afghan women and girls at extreme risk. 
To rally behind these precious individuals and the progress they are entitled to, Spiritual Playdate calls on our global peace education partners to come together in support of protecting and promoting their most basic human rights. 
And because we know that finding meaningful ways to help in times of crisis can seem overwhelming, we've identified a simple way that you can make a difference today.
A donation to Women for Women will provide a lifeline to Afghan women and children who are suffering; supporting desperately needed lifesaving services for those who have endured unspeakable human rights violations at the hands of the Taliban.
Sending positivity and prayers to these women and girls is crucial, but sending resources to uphold their health and safety is absolutely critical, so please join us in supporting this incredible organization by donating HERE today. 
Thank you, 

Edwina Cowell
Spiritual Playdate
Spiritual Playdate is an L3C charitable organization and is sustained entirely by its membership fees structured in a "freemium" model. This allows us to keep our fees low and our resources accessible, while always providing some free content. Contribute to our mission
Tamer of chaos, evoker of chaos,

We are confounded by cycles of order and dis-order
delivered by your hand.
The waters are separated 
into masses for continents,
into passages for escaping.
The waters converge
to purge and destroy,
to heal and deliver.
One we experience as violence,
the other as survival. 
Which is which, 
we do not always know.
You are in both, 
as we have experienced you in our image
and all we know of survival is violence. 
Or so we have been told. 

Call us to dream anew, 
to tear down our structures that seek to overcome the chaos, 
that weigh heavy on those that challenge our constructions of order. 
Let us tear down the scaffolding 
that we might not just recreate the old order. 
Confuse our language 
so that the only building we may achieve 
will come with hand-over-hand learning-
in the clay for brick,
in the dirt for gardens,
in the mud for pies.

Do this until we realize
that the only things that are real 
are the things we have built, 
and the only reason they are real 
is because we have built them. 
Help us know that we can build better 
(that some others have and do build better). 
But first we must un-realize. 
In this you have begun a good work in us 
in regard to constructions of gender and sexuality. 
Continue this good work-in us and through us.
Let us un-realize constructions of money, 
family, and, especially, 
in our constructions of You.


ALEX COMPTON (he/him, they/them) 
MCC Binghamton
September Birthdays

09/01 Mickey Howell
09/06 Seth Wynn
09/12 Lisa Davenport
09/16 Larry Hollis
09/21 Faith Ashton
09/22 Gail Russell
09/22 Trigg Davenport
09/23 Letty Cruz
09/25 Vida Trevino
09/29 Saige Ashton