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August 10, 2021
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"The Beauty of a World Without a 'Why'" 
This Sunday, August 8th is the final week of this wonderful series. Join us for
"From Beauty to Compassion and Justice".
New Sermon Series coming soon!

"The Beauty of Saving the World: Finding the Hero Inside"
Upcoming Events
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Join us for Sunday morning worship in our 
Agape' MCC Sanctuary at 10:30AM 
Join us for Sunday Morning Worship
at 10:30AM on Facebook Live.

We will continue streaming our worship services on FB Live as part of our Sunday worship experience.

With the most recent change to the CDC Guidelines, we encourage all of our community to maintain social distancing and wear masks when attending our live services.

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It's HYBRID Spirit Cafe' Wednesday!

Please join us either in-person or via Zoom as we share a time of connection filled with laughter, meaningful conversation and maybe play a game or two.
Agape' MCC
Celebrating 50 Years of Love
Sundae Sunday - August 29, 2021
You are invited to join us after worship Sunday, August 29th, for our Sundae Sunday as we continue to celebrate Agape's 50th Anniversary. We will be providing all the yummy fixings and would like to extend an invitation for you to make your favorite home made ice cream recipe(s) and bring it to share with the community. Mmmmm...
September 25, 2021 at 6:00PM
Be sure to mark you calendars! We will have popcorn and drinks for this special family event. Everyone is welcome! We will provide additional details soon, watch this space!
Community Corner
Seeing beauty is a skill for happiness - lessons from...

When you think of beauty, what do you imagine? Evergreen landscapes. Glamorous people. Detailed art showcased in a world-renowned museum. Although these are conventional visions of beauty, beauty is not limited to these scenes. Instead, beauty is ...

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Some days seeing the beauty in the world is easier than others.

Some days the beauty literally puts itself in our path. We are forced to slow down, be present, and relish in the beauty.

Today this tiny creature landed on my windshield as I was parked. I was astonished at how tiny it was. Intricate and mighty in its own right.

I challenge you to find beauty today.
For These I Pray

God, how can my prayer start without giving praise, For your mercy, and blessings, through all of my days?
I praise you, my Lord, as my soul strives to say: For these I pray:

For neighbors, for strangers, the sick, and my spouse, For children, and grievers, and those who have no house. For churches? More faith, Less fear, less hate!
These prayers to You, God, I elevate.

Please raise up my siblings Christ, whom thru You we find,
We're joined in God’s Spirit, through the blest “tie that binds”. May all receive Your love God, that is my prayer,
For any who resist You, every place, anywhere!

Created in Your image, each of us has a role.
May we strive Lord, to reach out, and touch another’s soul. May we try to serve others, put their needs and hopes first. May all dry souls come seek You, find a quench for their thirst.

Give to all God, Your comfort, bless each one at the start.
As we pray for our siblings? Bring them peace, touch each heart. How we need You, Lord Jesus! Shape our minds and attitude, Fill our hearts with Your acceptance, may we feel true gratitude!

Round the world there are believers whose lives differ much from mine. May these siblings feel Your strength God, may they know you are Divine! God, I pray for all whose minds are tight, who need to see your love IS light.

For these I pray:

For liars, and mockers, those who issue cruel slurs,
That cause pain, shock and sadness, and dignity to blur. Help us change their darkness into Your light,
Banish evil, change for good, strive to do what is right.

Show us how, dear God, how to make hate diminish Raise the poor and the lonely, as your mission we finish. Thy will be done Lord, may we each do our part
To restore, and embrace, with a strong Christian heart.

I pray for PEACE, Lord And for SAFETY,
I ask for guidance every day, For all around the world, Those known, and unknown, I PRAISE you God,
For these I pray.

Member of MCC Lehigh Valley (Bethlehem, PA, USA)

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