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September 15, 2020

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Chai and Caving with David

Later an angel came to him a second time. The angel touched him and said, “Get up and eat. If you don’t, the journey will be too hard for you.”  So Elijah got up and ate and drank. The food made him strong enough to walk for forty days and nights to Mount Sinai, the mountain of God.  There Elijah went into a cave and stayed all night.” 1Kings 19:7-9
Beginning next week, we will be entering into the Autumnal Equinox. On September 22, there will begin to be more dark than light in our days. In our world there are fewer and fewer places where we can find the kind of dark that leaves us truly dependent on all of our other senses…wild caves are the exception to that. Caves have a long history of hosting those who are looking for safety, shelter, solitude, solace, quiet, and ironically, illumination. Jesus, Muhammad, Druids, Shaman, Medicine Women and Men, the Buddha, the Prophets, and too many mystics to count all spent significant time in caves. Where else can you experience the journey from full sunlight to pitch black in a manner of minutes? Where else can you hear the hum of your body and your spirit? 
You’re invited to come spelunk with me on Sunday. I’ll be caving away, sipping Chai and exploring the dark.  You might want to “cave away” in a dim room lit only by one candle, or some other space that offers solitude and quiet as you join the live stream. Cave away with me…see you Sunday…
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Community Corner
Taking flight...

What an amazing concept, flying. It seems simple, if you are a bird. Flying, spreading your wings and taking flight, as a human seems impossible at times, even if it is in a figurative way. We humans often feel weighed down by the stuff and things that we accrue over time. Mental, physical, emotional stuff and things binding us

What if, even for a moment, we chose to be free from all the stuff and things that hold us down?

Can you do it?

You are challenged this week to try and find space to fly. Decide how to let go a little and just be free, even if for a short time.

Fly, Blackbird, fly.

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Queer God,
We are Your LGTBQIA+ prophets, Your Queer Church;
And by the grace of your Spirit within us we would awaken that which we have too often let slip into depths of comfort’s slumber:
That is, the transformational proclamation of the Gospel truths that we have been uniquely shaped to effectively share and manifest.
Let us neither wait upon nor seek the approval of our progressive siblings in the Faith, O God, as they wound their own over questions of virtual Eucharist, the definition of "defund", or how to affirm that black lives matter without having to capitalize those words.
Let us not wait for our mainline friends, whom we love as co-laborers even as we recognize their confessional allegiance to theologies that could not compel within their forebears the revolutionary Christ Spirit in opposition to Modernity’s imperial impulses embraced by the Global North nations they found themselves in.
Rather let us revive within our collective will the sense of our destiny and partnership with the wild way of Your Spirit just as She moved within the imaginations of our 12 forebears gathered in courageous response to Her leading nearly 52 years ago.
Those who knew, if only in the subconscious inner space that we rightly call the groanings of Your Spirit, that You were preparing them for a work that must be free from the bondage of western ways of God-talking.
Those who answered Your call with our liberation in mind, alongside other liberation-minded faith movements answering that same call.
Those who built a global movement that created space for the development of queer theologies for queer people to speak of a wonderfully queer God of radically inclusive love.
In this time of crisis and plague,
Remind us who we are and what we have come through.
In this season of tyranny and oppression,
Remind us to what we have been called and for what we have been empowered.
As justice cries out for breath under the suffocating weight of self-serving lies,
Revive our queer testimony of Truth’s liberating power to set your people free.
As hope is beaten down by avarice and silenced by its bedfellow, indifference,
Let us once again exchange our deadly silence for the life-giving noise of acting up.
Reawaken the urgency of our ordination as your Queer Body of Christ distinctly formed for this moment that itself is “queering” the very foundations of our assumptions about how our world is ordered and what we might expect from it.
Place the coal upon our lips once again, Holy One.
Speak to us of Your liberating intentions from the unquenchable fire, great I AM.
Commission us anew, God with us, that we may work to extend the realm of your heavenly reign in our communities, our nations, and throughout our shared world.
We are Queer, we are here, we are MCC/ICM;
And we are once again ready to risk it all with You to bring the Good News of Your justice-love to all whose cries have reached Your ears.
Let it be done to us according to Your word. Amen.


Minister of Justice
Sunshine Cathedral, Florida, USA 
Global Justice Institute
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A time of shared meditation and mindfulness practice open to all. No previous experience necessary. Come just as you are!

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Sept. 29 - Book Club Discussion: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
Democracy, Values and the 2020 Election

North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light and the North Carolina Council of Churches are hosting an eight-week forum series detailing the important issues facing us this election beginning on August 12th. These events will highlight our multi-issue faith voter reflection guide – Democracy, Values & the 2020 Election: A Reflection Guide for Faith Communities – in addition to featuring expert speakers, and educating attendees on policy/the reality of voting during a pandemic. Register for individual weeks at

Voting Our Values Forum Sessions - weekly on Wednesdays 12-1PM EDT / 11-1PM CST
--September 09 Democracy & Voter Rights 
--September 23 LGBTQ+ Rights 
Sponsored by MCC Detroit, USA
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September 20, 2020

Chai and Caving with David

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