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August 11, 2020

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Note from Rev. Dude
"Student, Teacher, Student"
It's interesting, when we were approaching August I told the Worship Team that I was really feeling like I wanted to do a sermon series...I just had no idea what the series would be about. That makes it challenging to plan doncha know. It was becoming a real source of anxiety until that peaceful voice of Spirit said, "Dude, stop worrying, just preach." Dude? That was new. I had an existential moment from The Big Lebowski,  “I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”  I blame all of this on COVID 19.  

So, I just hit the lectionary and started preaching. It's not at all the same without you all there. I've always known that our in person energy matters, but Dude, I know it in a whole new way. And, lo and behold, I discovered I was preaching a series and didn't even know it. I had to begin to figure out where I was going. Hint: I had to show up. Hint 2: Student, Teacher, Student. Cue Twilight Zone theme music...see you Sunday!
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A Guide to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself |...

Andrew Rocha - You are what you choose to be today. Not what you've chosen to be before. - Wayne Dyer Chances are you strive for improvement and always look for ways to become the best. Unfortunately, comparison often creeps in and makes us feel...

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A Prayer for our World

Aug 12th is the
International Youth Day
A version of the "Lord's Prayer"

Divine Love, Source of All Good, Omnipresent One, sacred are your many names.
Your Commonwealth is unfolding. Your desire for the healing and reconciliation of all things is being fulfilled. 

Heaven is found in the great connection of all our hearts and at the heart of creation. You are working through us to provide for every human’s need and for the healing of the Earth. 
Thank You for Your abundant grace, which forgives all errors as we turn from them to Love. May we reflect You in our forgiveness of others. 

You never cease to journey with us through even the most difficult times. You are our Strong Deliverer from oppression. 

For Yours is the Beloved Community, the Christ Power, and our unending faithfulness, within and beyond time. And so it is! Amen.


Senior Pastor
Emerald City MCC
Seattle, Washington, USA
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MCC Toronto (Ontario, Canada) invites you to a 15 minute time of reflection on Facebook Live each Wednesday at noon EDT / 11AM CST. Rev. Jeff Rock and Rev. Deana Dudley share inspiring reflections, scriptures and prayers to support us through these difficult times.
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Pike's Peak MCC: Online Exercise Sessions, Every Mon, Wed, Fri at 8:30 a.m. MDT / 9:30AM CST and Available on YouTube Any Time.

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Thursdays at 7PM EDT / 6PM CST
Join Rev. Stanley from Joy MCC, Orlando, Florida, USA for Alabanza via Zoom.

Sanctuary-on-the-Road Zoom Camping Trip
August 18-20, 2020
This week features a three night "online camping trip", with photos, camp food recipes, stories, and songs.

Aug 18: Setting Up Camp
Aug 19: Camp Food (Yum!)
Aug 20: Around the Campfire
Photo and recipe entries due August 15th

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Democracy, Values and the 2020 Election

North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light and the North Carolina Council of Churches are hosting an eight-week forum series detailing the important issues facing us this election beginning on August 12th. These events will highlight our multi-issue faith voter reflection guide – Democracy, Values & the 2020 Election: A Reflection Guide for Faith Communities – in addition to featuring expert speakers, and educating attendees on policy/the reality of voting during a pandemic. Register for individual weeks at

Voting Our Values Forum Sessions - weekly on Wednesdays 12-1PM EDT / 11-1PM CST
--September 09 Democracy & Voter Rights 
--September 23 LGBTQ+ Rights 
Agape' Worship - August 16, 2020
Call to Worship: Rev. David Wynn
Song of Intention: "Gather Us In"
Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:21-28
Song of Response: "Need You Now"
Time of Teaching: "Student, Teacher, Student", Rev. David Wynn
Centering Song: "Hear Our Prayer"
Community Prayer
Prayer Response: "O Christ Surround Me"
Time of Giving
Celebration of Holy Communion: Rev. Robert Myers
Closing Song: "God Is Holding Your Life"
Benediction: Rev. David Wynn

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