June 5, 2020
Around the State
PC Raffle

Please help us reach our goal of selling all raffle tickets. We Are So Close
and would love to wrap this up and get ready for the first prize giveaway
on August 5th, a $ 2000 gift card to Bass Pro Shop. With 13 chances to win,
a $ 50 ticket is a steal. Prize List
Industry Highlights
A Quiet Summer
A Note from the Director
This is certainly not the summer we usually share and it's a bit unsettling not to be in over my head in convention preparations, but it's also nice to hear the family time stories some of you are sharing. So many of our readers keep one bag packed and race between airports. The forced slow down is allowing families to catch up with each other, if you need a positive to focus on for a bit.
While we are still apart, I hope you will take the time to log into the website and update yours (and your company's) information. If you have never logged in, you will need to Create an Account, but once you do, you can download the app ( Apple or Samsung) and stay in touch through your phone. It's sooo easy to use and all FICAP members contact information will be at your fingertips, along with news stories and the forum.

As always, we're only a call or email away.