February 2018 Newsletter
What's Happening at Hope This Month?
Thanks so much for checking out our newslett er for the month of February. You are welcome to call the church office if you need further information or to register for different activities at 815.623.6545.
From Our Pastor
Dear Hope Church family,
I have been reading a lot about “Christian hospitality” over the last few months. A specifically Christian hospitality is more than hosting friends for a meal and fellowship. Hospitality can be defined this way: in all circumstances to reflect the grace and generosity of Christ, and with all people to extend a gospel-driven love of neighbor. This kind of hospitality can happen in your homes, but is more likely to happen in your schools, places of work, restaurants and stores, or neighborhoods as you live, work, and relate to others.
Christian hospitality is a clearly commanded in Scripture. For example, in several places in the New Testament Christians are commanded to “Greet one another with a holy kiss” (e.g., Rom 16:16). I think this command is in regard to Christian hospitality in a first-century cultural expression. While we may not be offering a smooch to the person beside us in the pew, we are no less required by our Lord to obey this command – to show Christian hospitality.
There is one more place this should always be happening – in church on Sunday morning! Let me encourage all of us to treat the people around us at church on Sunday like we would guests in our home. Be hosts – inviting people to an ABF with you (or to the Well or youth group later that day), offering them a cup of coffee, or even just asking a name as you say hello. And don’t think this only should happen to “new” people; do this to the people around you that you do not know. Be a friendly face, be a welcoming brother or sister in Christ, and even be a “connector” – introducing people to others with whom they might find something in common. May we all reflect the grace and generosity of Christ as we live out a Christian hospitality.
For God’s glory, Pastor Mickey
Kids of Hope
The Nursery
The nursery needs someone to come in on a regular basis to clean toys so we do not spread cold and flu germs. This job can be done at your convenience. Please contact the church office if this is something you would like to volunteer to do.

Staffing Needs
The nursery is in need of people who are members to work on a rotating basis.
The 4 year old class that meets at 10:45 is in need of both a teacher and a helper. You could work every week or every other week depending on your preference.
Both Preschool and Elementary areas need people who are willing to substitute.

Timber-Lee Camp
It’s time to be thinking about your summer plans and if they should include sending your child to Camp Timber-lee.  We have repeatedly seen how God uses time at camp, away from home and friends, to speak into a child or teens life. Pick up a Timber-lee brochure in the lobby or in the Church office. Hope Church Scholarship applications can be picked up in the lobby or church office. 

Preschool Screening
Please be in prayer for all of the little ones who will be coming to Hope for their preschool screening. Pray that parents will pick up a goodie bag and be reminded of the need to take care of their child’s spiritual development as well as their physical and intellectual growth. Kinnikinnick District will be here on February 6, 7.  Prairie Hill District will here on February 1 & 2.

Our clubs are off to an exciting second semester. Many friends were brought to “bring a friend night” which led to a root beer float night as a reward. During the month of February, we will be focusing on giving to the Hope Food Pantry. March 9 & 10 are the Awana Grand Prix and Turtle Races. Buy your car now!

Upcoming dates:
February 19 – Red White & Blue Night
March 5 – Silly Sock Night
March 9 – 10 T&T Grand Prix and Sparks Turtle Races
March 19 – P J & Favorite Stuffed Animal Night

Kids Hope USA
Praise God for our faithful mentors and prayer partners. Praise God for a fourth new mentor starting this school year. Pray for the kids who are still waiting for mentors.

We are always in need of more people, especially men, to be mentors. If God has been nudging you to mentor, talk to Melissa Peshek, Jamie Anderson, or Vera Juhlin to get more information. 

Safe Families
Please be in prayer for the Loner family as they anticipate opening their home and hearts to a child.

Applications to be a host family or one of the supporting roles are available from the church office. More information can be found at www.safe-families.org 
Vacation Bible School 2018
Let’s venture onto an uncharted island where kids survive, thrive and are anchored in the truth that Jesus carries them through life’s storms!
Camp 5-6 (Rescue Reef) will be in the evenings from June 18 -22. This camp is for kids going into 5 th and 6 th grades next fall.
“Shipwrecked” VBS will be held in the mornings during the week of July 16 th-20 th. VBS is for children 3 years old (and potty-trained) up to entering 4 th grade in the fall.
As you begin to plan your summer calendars please keep these dates in mind. It’s not too early to start praying about who you will invite to come along. Also, be thinking and praying about how you can be involved as we prepare for these events.
One position that we need to fill this month is the Decorating Coordinator position, as we will begin our “creations” mid-April. There are tons of decorating ideas included with the curriculum kit, but we need someone to help recruit a decorating team, coordinate and oversee our decorating/prep days, and make sure we stay on track to finish our projects before VBS. This person will also need to supervise the decorating of the church over the weekend prior to VBS. Please contact Vicky Steege or Vera Juhlin if you’re interested, or have further questions.
Thank you!
support group
AWLS (Awesome, Wise, Lively Singles)
 Support Group
DATE Saturday, February 10, at 12:30 pm
PLACE: Fireside Room, HEFC 
MENU:  Lasagna, Italian bread, salad & dessert
RSVP:  Sharon Vinson 815-623-6857 or 815-543-5644
ACTIVITIES:   food, games, devotions, and fun 
White Cross News
Four totes of finished product left Illinois for Tandala Hospital and Clinics on January 15.  There were 552 layettes and 70 rolled bandages within those totes thanks to all the efforts of our volunteers.
Won’t you consider coming to one of our February work days on the 13 th and 20 th (notice schedule change as kindergarten screening will be the 6 th) as we prepare quilts, rolled bandages, layettes & pillowcase dresses for those in need.  As a forewarning for March, the Saturday group will be meeting on March 3 rather than the last Saturday of February.  Our service group gathers in Drake Hall from 8:30 to noon and always enjoys fellowship, food, and satisfaction of serving others while we work side by side.
Needs this month:
·         *Old blankets, mattress pads for inside of quilts
·         *Flat sheets for quilt backs and/or rolled bandages
·         *Single-Fold bias tape (any color) for kimonos & pillowcase dresses
·         *Ziploc GALLON STORAGE bags for layettes
·         *Boxtops for Education (for local schools)
Just bring your scissors and your servant’s heart and we’ll teach you the rest.  
The Missionaries of The Month for February are Tracey and Karen Singleton. God called them to the Pastoral ministry where they served from 1994 to November 2007. However, while they were serving in Mt. Morris, they felt led to join Action International. In 2007 they moved to Lusaka, Zambia on the African continent. Tracy began a formal, three year college, the action pastors college, or APC. He developed the curriculum for all 18 courses of this program. The last graduating
class was in 2016. It was the third class of graduates.  APC provides a theological education for pastors among the poor of Lusaka. Karen

served as Tracy’s assistant and as a mentor to the wives of his students. In addition, they recruit, prepare and lead USA pastors to help them in the ministry of training Zambian pastors.
Last year, the Singletons moved back to Illinois so they could assist their elderly parents. Though they no longer live full time in Zambia, they fly to Lusaka for a month-long visit where Tracey can teach in the college (Karen is not always able to go). Tracey was there in December where he worked with the 2016 graduates on Counseling Skills. He will be flying to Zambia again this month (the trip was delayed in January because of a Cholera outbreak) and continue the Bible training for a new class of 25 Pastors. Their flight has been rescheduled for Feb 12 arriving the 14th. APC classes will start up on the 19th. Please pray for safe travel and for Tracey as he prepares to teach the first module of Biblical Exegesis. Contact the Singleton’s: singleton.zambia@gmail.com
Women of Hope Annual Winter Retreat
February 23-24 to be held here at Hope Church
"Who We Are”
Our guest speaker, Rachel Inouye, will speak on this topic beginning with a Friday night session, 6-7 pm, on "I Know Who I Am" (Our Identity in Christ including a gospel presentation), which will be for moms, future moms, grandmothers, aunts, or anyone interested. Childcare will be provided. Then everyone is welcome to join us from 7-9 pm for a Friday night coffee house experience with specialty drinks and snacks in the Youth Room along with optional activities.
Rachel Inouye
Saturday morning at 8 am a continental breakfast will be served followed by 2 sessions. Rachel will begin at 9 am on "I Know Whose I Am" (The daughter of the King) and speak again at 1 pm on "I Honor Who You Are" (My sister in Christ). Lunch will be offered at 11:30 am. Childcare will not be available on Saturday
Cost for the retreat is $35 with registration in the church lobby on Sunday, February 4, Feb 11 and ending Sunday, February 18. Registration will be taken between services or online ( www.hefc.net) during those weeks. We look forward to spending time together growing in God's Word and in our relationships with one another
Save These Dates
February 17, 2018 @5:00 pm
March 3 @ Central Christian Church in Beloit
We have been working on our 50 & Free campaign since the end of 2016. For those who are newer to the church it is a church wide effort to be debt free of our mortgage sometime close to our 50 th anniversary which is this year. Additional funds will be used for necessary repairs and upgrades on our building and grounds. 
When we initially informed the congregation in the Fall of 2016, our mortgage balance exceeded $800,000. 
God has blessed us with overwhelming generosity from our congregation. We were able to make extra payments toward the mortgage starting in November 2016  and when we couple the extra payments with our regular mortgage payments we have seen our current balance drop down to $273,323 in just 15 months! We anticipate being able to pay it off completely in the first quarter of 2019. 
If you have not had the opportunity to participate in this project, we encourage you to pray about it and contact Pastor Brad, pastorbrad@hefc.net, who can answer any questions you may have and let you know how you can participate.  
We are asking for those willing to donate older iPad 2, iPad Air or iPad mini devices to the church. A “good donation” would be one that can still do the following:

  • Turn on and off
  • Touch screen is functioning and is not damaged
  • Hold a charge for more than an hour

Please let us know right away if you are able to assist with this donation. You can email us musicdirector@hefc.net

Thank you!
Are you looking to learn more about the Bible and make some connections with others in the church, come join us in one of our Adult Bible Fellowships.

9:00 – Fellowship Hall – Multigenerational
Current study: Gospel of Mark - The Gospel of Mark paints an important portrait of Jesus as Israel’s promised Messiah. Mark’s account also makes clear how Jesus’ kingship confounds public expectations by emphasizing his humility, suffering, and sacrifice.

9:00 – Room 8 – Basics Class
This class is designed for those newer to the faith and younger in their walk with Christ. The track includes multiple short studies on some of the basics of faith in Christ. 
Current study: “The Life” - The Life answers the question “What does a disciple do in relationship with God?” Though this vital disciple making experience, each group member discusses and practices some of the following disciplines: reading the Bible, prayer, community, serving and evangelism.

10:45 – Fellowship Hall
Current study: Gospel of John - The Gospel of John reveals an unmatched portrait of Jesus and is arguably the most theologically and philosophically profound account of his life, death, and resurrection in the New Testament.
From revealing Jesus’ cosmic identity as being with the Father “in the beginning,” to recounting the many miraculous signs attesting to his mission and divinity, this guide encourages us to worship Christ as Lord and to follow him on mission in the world.

10:45 – Fireside Room
Current study: Galatians - The book of Galatians is one of the Apostle Paul’s most impassioned and eloquent letters. It warns Christians of the dangers of both legalism and lawlessness, calling believers to live gospel-shaped lives. In this study, readers walk through the promises, warnings, and gospel declarations found in Galatians. Both accessible and theologically robust, this guide will help Christians find freedom in their identity as God’s adopted children.

Small Groups
Small Groups are a fantastic way to get deeply connected here at Hope Church. Most of our groups are sermon-text based groups but we are also looking to add some more men’s and women’s only small groups. Groups meet either weekly or twice per month and we have multiple options. If you are interested in a small group you can sign up on the website or contact Pastor Brad at pastorbrad@hefc.net.  

Resource Center News
If you've never visited the Resource Center before, please come check us out! We have a huge selection of resources for all ages. We are located in the northwest corner of the church building; just follow the signs to the library. The Resource Center is open between and after Sunday services, and available to everyone who attends Hope. Visit hefc.net/resources/library to view our online catalog.

Look for these resources on the New Arrivals shelf in February:
·          The Get Yourself Organized Project by Kathi Lipp
·          Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community by Brett McCracken
·          If Jesus Were a Parent: Coaching Your Child to Follow Jesus by Hal Perkins
·          Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren
·          Miriam (Treasures of the Nile #2) by Mesu Andrews
·          The Last Con by Zachary Bartels
·          The Fragment by Davis Bunn
·          The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron
·          Freedom’s Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli
·          The View from Rainshadow Bay (Lavender Tides #1) by Colleen Coble
·          Kill Devil (Jed Patrick #2) by Mike Dellosso
·          Child of the River by Irma Joubert
·          Coffey & Hill #’s 1-2 by Mike Nappa
·          A Love Transfromed (Sapphire Brides #3) by Tracie Peterson
·          Secrets of the Shetlands #’s 1-2 by Michael Phillips
·          The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers
·          Saving Parker (Forever Home #4) by Dan Walsh
·          Indescribable:100 Devotions about God & Science by Louie Giglio (ages 4+)
·          Larger-Than-Life Lara by Dandi Daley Mackall (ages 8+)
·          The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker (ages 12+)
·          Mountain To
Martin Luther (Torchlighters series)
Senior Saints Luncheon
rose heart
Join the Senior Saints Tuesday, February 13,
for lunch, fellowship and a program.
February's menu is Beef Stew, salad, bread and dessert.
Matthew Wundrow Band will be presenting the music.

Invite a friend to come with you and PLEASE call Betty Alexander at 815.623.2336 by Wednesday Feb. 7 to make your reservation for you and your friends.
A suggested donation for the meal is $4.00