| October 2017
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There are so many ways to serve in Guatemala without ever visiting the country. Here are some things others are doing...
Growing with the ABC Program
In 1990 Health Talents introduced the ABC Program to our extended family, inviting you to sponsor a child in Guatemala for $25 per month. Today, more than 850 children are in the program and our graduates are evangelists, dentists, physicians, nurses and television broadcasters. As the program grew, we were able to leverage our purchases and keep the cost of supporting a child to $25 until 2008, at which time it was increased to $30.

Ten years later, we find ourselves once again needing to increase the amount required to adequately support a child, this time to $33 per month or $396 annually.

If you are willing to commit to an increase of $3 monthly, or if you will allow us to increase your monthly bank draft by $3, send an e-mail to Barbara Barnes at bybarnht@aol.com

Please understand that no child will be removed from the program, nor will you lose sponsorship of your child if you are unable to commit to this increase. We will seek other donors to make up the difference. This is a request and not a requirement for current supporters, we fully understand that many of you have been sponsoring children for many years and are now on fixed incomes.

Thank you in advance for considering this request and for tender hearts willing to help a child.

Halloween? No. Thanks to his American sponsor he is being tested for dental plaque in his semi-annual dental checkup.
Thanks to ABC, her future is as bright as her smile!
Service Spotlight
Healing Hands International, a valued partner of Health Talents, is a Christian relief and development ministry with a large warehouse where we are able to store supplies waiting to be inventoried and packed into suitcases or onto pallets for shipment.

Here are Abigail, Anna and Owen Yates (grandchildren of long time supporter, Richard Yates), volunteering their time and talents to sort medical supplies before they make the journey to Clinica Ezell in Guatemala.
Appreciated Assets and Appreciative Hearts
We have the appreciative hearts…you may have the appreciated assets!

As of this writing, the Dow Jones Industrial average is up 15.93%, the Nasdaq 22.85% and many of us are enjoying a healthy increase in our long-term investments.

If Health Talents is in your end-of-the- year giving plans, or if we can persuade you to include us, a gift of appreciated stocks may be a way for you to maximize your giving and reduce your taxes. Health Talents is able to receive stock transfers into our Schwab account and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt with the closing value of your gift on the day received.

The benefit to gifting stocks is that you avoid any capital gains on the appreciated value, yet are able to deduct the full value from your taxable income as a donation to charity.

Please contact me, Rick Harper at HTIRick@aol.com for our Schwab account number, DTC clearing code or with any questions. You will receive an appreciative response from me and the rest of the Health Talents family!

February 10-17, 2018
GYN/Plastic Surgery week

March 10-17, 2018
Eye/Ortho Surgery

Chicabracan and His People

Two years of depression, one listening friend and rumors of a remedy in Lemoa set the stage for God and His people to demonstrate the power found in acts of grace. 

Vicente,(checked shirt, right) the listening friend, led Favian, now two years into deep depression, to Clinica Caris in Lemoa for a medical consultation with Dr. Lisa Dunham. But with Dr. Lisa, it is never about medicine alone…she is one of His people.

Prior to Favian’s visit with Dr. Lisa, his life was filled with mountain top highs and valley lows. During the highs, he was intimately involved and highly respected among the charismatic church fellowship, Prince of Peace, going so far as to personally purchase expensive audio-visual equipment. The lows arrived with the bills for the equipment!

Being a man of integrity, Favian was determined to pay those bills, so he sold his land and traveled to the US looking for work. He left behind a wife, several children and a piece of himself. Favian paid his debts and returned to his beloved Guatemala, only to find his wife and children had moved on without him. Abandoned by those he loved and many of his former friends, Favian began to walk a path away from God until Vicente helped him change direction.

Dr. Lisa introduced Favian to Gaspar, our highland evangelist and another of His people. They talked, prayed and made plans for a visit in Chicabracan. Jesus rose from the grave after three days and Favian, after three days of intense study with Gaspar (over the course of three weeks) decided to be immersed and wash away his sins. Favian was baptized in Lake Atilan and is now, one of His people.
Gaspar helped Favian start a new church in his community and the Chicabracan Church of Christ now has twenty-two baptized believers and fourteen children.Favian is determined to make his people, His people through acts of grace.

Please remember Gaspar and Favian in your prayers, and look for another article about the Chicabran church family in December…Marta the self-proclaimed prophetess!
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