February 2021
Are You Digging or Planning a Dig?
Pennsylvania One Call Webinars
The Pennsylvania One Call System coordinates free training on responsibilities that municipalities, designers, excavators, and project owners have in preventing damage to underground facilities. Training webinars cover such topics as:

  • PA Act 287 for the Locator
  • PA Act 287 for the Excavator
  • Complex Projects
  • Coordinate PA
  • Member Mapping
  • One Call Web Products and Services
Innovative Conversations That Launch Change
Innovation Exchange Webinars
The Federal Highway Administration's Center for Local-aid Support team is a conduit for connecting Local agencies to innovative market-ready deployment opportunities that can be used on our nation's roadways to save lives, project delivery time, and money. Through Innovation Exchange webinars, it brings cutting-edge transportation leaders to the table to share ideas and out-of-the-box innovative practices that have proven results.

These webinars cover maintenance, safety, design, operations, funding, and other topics. Upcoming and on-demand webinars can be found by clicking the below button.
Types of LTAP Services (entirely free)
Pennsylvania's Local Technical Assistance Program is dedicated to transferring transportation technology through training, technical assistance, and other customer services to municipal elected officials and their staff. Simply call 1-800-FOR-LTAP and they will have a specialist contact you. You can also visit gis.penndot.gov/ltap to create an account and request assistance or resources.
Training: Classroom and virtual training are offered. If there is a course you want to hold in your municipality, LTAP can bring the course directly to you as a road show.
Technical Assistance: On site, phone and email technical support is available from an LTAP expert. The LTAP experts can provide guidance to handle issues such as drainage, posting of traffic signs, intersection improvements, collecting traffic data, dust control, and much more.
Library Resources: Various library materials and publications can be requested through LTAP.
Contact Information
For more information, questions or help registering for classes, please contact Steve Herman, SEDA-COG Principal Program Analyst, at 570-524-4491 or email sherman@seda-cog.org. Information is also available at gis.penndot.gov/ltap.

Feel free to share your training needs or requests for classes at any time. If your municipality is not receiving occasional LTAP class updates and announcements via email, please send Steve Herman your email address.
Please post for all municipal officials and road crews.