EHF History Hub
June | Issue 1

Ephraim is a village of values.
Hospitality, family, and service are just a few of them. EHF’s mission to preserve our precious heritage remains firm. Let’s journey together in 2020 with open minds and open hearts, connecting with Ephraim’s land and legacy, and each other. 
Preserving the Past

Over the winter, Emily Irwin (Acting Director/Curator) and John Grochowski (Operations Manager) kept EHF running smoothly while working remotely. Priority tasks included developing safety and operational procedure recommendations related to the pandemic, and designing the 2020 exhibit (see below). This month, filming and transcribing docent history talks in every museum is a primary goal. 

The Foldas:
A History in Photographs

Imagine spending childhood summers on a 40-acre island in idyllic Door County. Marcelle and her brother Bert did just that a nearly a century ago. When the family relinquished “Folda’s Island” due to financial catastrophe, they kept memories and startling images. In 2019, the Folda family donated over 50 photographs to the Foundation. This year, it’s time to revisit the family’s story, a tale that resonates with today’s tough times. How did they go forward with resilience and grace, even in changing times?

Ephraim Word Riddles
Each brainteaser describes a nearby landmark, nature item, or historic name.
Submit answers for bragging rights … and a special award.
Ole’s Pal Fakes It
Answer: Sven’s Bluff

  1. Canvas Floater
  2. Gibb’s Boy Lost Wages
  3. Jailed Hooter
  4. Bull Fighting Santa Strand
  5. Whinnying Footwear Key