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6 Reasons Why You Might Need the Advantage Book Club Module

The word “subscription” can represent different concepts depending on the business context. This could be a weekly magazine delivery, a 12-month offer of monthly shipments of a fixed set of items, access to online content for 6 months, or a box of items shipped and charged to your credit card every 3 months. Advantage has multiple modules to support various subscription business models, one of which is Book Club!

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8 Rules of Culturally

Sensitive Courtesy

U.S. Americans are becoming more well-traveled. About 46% of us have a valid, unexpired passport. That’s up from just 4% in 1990! International travel is more accessible to more people, and with our global economy, many now travel internationally on business. Rules around courtesy have become key when travel increases the volume of contact between countries.

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Publishing Trends of 2022

Since the last Publishing Trends post in 2020, many of the trends described then continue in spite of the COVID disruption. Digital subscription growth, print decline, publisher struggles with GAFA/platforms, and rapid audio growth are still the main trends in late 2022. While the topics have not changed during these two years, there has been a significant shift in the trends inside each of them. Here is a summary of what is happening.

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Effective Business Communication

There was a misunderstanding. The ball was dropped. We had two different things in mind. There was no effective business communication. There are a lot of different ways to explain what happened after a deadline has been unexpectedly missed, a deliverable doesn’t meet the requirements, or answers to seemingly straightforward questions don’t seem to be forthcoming. Oftentimes, these problems come down to effective communication. When effective communication isn’t happening, then the ability to execute critical tasks is hampered. Colleagues can’t produce their best work. Clients grow frustrated. And vendors can’t efficiently provide service.

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Climbing the Paywall

I remember well the first time I seriously faced the topic of paywalls: it was in 2012 at a large regional newspaper prospect. Sitting in a conference room with about 12 people, a small group of 3 were standing apart from the rest of the group – they appeared to be the digital team – and started to question me about my thoughts on paywalls, my preference or not for metered ones, and the way this would work in Advantage. The rest of the group – all print-oriented – didn’t say a word, and I must honestly say that my knowledge was low, and I realized I had never paused to consider this emerging topic more deeply.

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Report from the Subscription Show

John Sheehy and Kelly Grace staffed a booth at the Subscription Show, the leading business conference for subscription-specific strategy and intel. The show was held at the Convene Center in New York City from November 8th-10th with around 400 attendees, virtual and in-person. 

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Press Release:

SOC 2 Type 1 Achieved

AdvantageCS has been developing software for publishers and membership associations for over four decades. Advantage helps publishers manage subscriptions to online and print content (journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, books), and orders for books and ebooks, products, memberships, and bundles of the above in any combination. Advantage is architecturally customer-centric.

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Employee Spotlight: James Varblow

Meet James Varblow, the newest full-time addition to the AdvantageCS team! James is a Michigan native and grew up in the small town of Dexter. He has always had a love for mathematics and problem-solving, which led him to pursue a degree in Economics at the University of Michigan. James recently graduated and is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the Client Services Division.

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