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June 29 at 11:30 AM 


Today, we're excited to feature #NAWAArtistOfTheDay Annie Shaver-Crandell

Annie Shaver-Crandell is an internationally published medieval art historian and professor emeritus from The City College of New York. She lives, works, and teaches at her studio in Manhattan’s NoHo district.

Shaver-Crandell’s plein air work reflects both her local environment, the community gardens of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and those she travels to, including the American Rockies, the Delaware River, the north shore of Long Island, the Provence region of France, and Italy. Annie is attracted to boundaries -- the garden wall, the water's edge, the place where the cultivated field, pasture, vineyard or orchard gives way to the woods or hills.

In her studio, Shaver-Crandell often turns to floral still lifes; this process is shared with her students, who gather weekly for classes aimed at teaching painting skills, but more importantly at instilling creative confidence and freedom.

Shaver-Crandell’s figurative work includes studies of animals, either singly or in groups. As an avid dancer of Argentine tango, she is fascinated by the play of energies among beings -- whether tango partners, or the ways that herds will dispose themselves in a pasture. To inquire about Annie's work, to request a commission, or to learn more about her painting class, please visit

Annie Shaver-Crandell Studio


I am working with Wanda Noonan on a new video series called 'Hints of Color, about the role in my work, and personal life, of various colors. 

Below is Purple, and more of the spectrum is available on my YouTube channel. 

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