Q1 | March 8, 2019
R-Wild Horse Ranch Newsletter

           Let’s start off with an apology for the late newsletter. We need to get better at pushing the required information to owners.

           Winter is in full swing; the snowfall this year could have been spread out just a little more and we could have fared better. Close to 20 inches in one night hit us hard 2/13/19. Senior Staff say only two other times has it been this deep in the past 18 years. A downed power line and a failed sump pump, no electricity or phones quickly followed. Several roof jacks, lights and other hardware departed the buildings with the snow as it slid off. We did what we could to mitigate damages. With so much to work on and no answers at the time, all activities got delayed for two weeks. Several trees have gone down and we are making progress to get it all cleaned up.

           We sent out reports as we got information. Some of you want to be better informed. I understand that discussion. We will do what we can with what we have available. We here never put out “The Ranch is closed”. This winter storm we ask if you are not self-contained you delay or cancel your visit to the Ranch. Water and sewer were limited with the power loss, we cannot pump Propane without electricity. The gate system was inoperable, our computer systems were inoperable and we resorted to the good old fashioned “Pen and Paper”. Now just because we here on the Ranch have the leeway to move a crab feed and a fishing derby, we still have an obligation to meet our business requirements. The State of California and the Federal Government still have requirements to have our business taxes filed. The CPA contract for our annual audit has to be approved, the funds to move us forward after the above-mentioned maintenance requirements, the printing of the P&L statements. The BOD only meets monthly and we as a business are following Roberts Rules. So, we had to push forward with our meeting. We do have the ability to power anything and everything on the Ranch with the proper funding for generators and electrical contractors, we could operate off grid. We have only lost power three times this year. It would not be a smart investment of your money to make off grid a reality. We do think it definitely needs attention and this issue is getting the attention needed.

           We as a whole are getting back to the basics such as owner information and hand book rules. Please do your part to abide by the rules.

           Now, for the good parts, we have several LIVE Music dates this year. There are major owner events scheduled at a minimum of once a month. In March we had the kids fishing derby and crab feed followed by a live performance from Flat Busted in our Recreation Center. St. Patrick’s Day will be a live band and more fun. We are hosting PAINTBALL every third weekend, we rent the equipment from town so if you want to play get your reservations in by the Wednesday before, if we field enough to play it is GAME ON.

           Do yourselves a favor and get signed up for constant contact, receive the latest and greatest information from the Ranch about what is happening on YOUR RANCH!
           Your Ranch Manager,
WHOA Office
The staff is still recuperating after our busy Assessment season but we are always happy to see smiling faces.

The General Store completed their yearly inventory and are ready for this next year. Be sure to stop by and see Brenda and Theresa and to visit those hummingbirds!

The Rec Center events are online and accessible on Facebook . Tina and Bernadette look forward to seeing you at Bingo and crafts.

Also, if you aren't already, go follow our new R-Wild Horse Ranch Instagram account, where we post pictures of the ranch!
2019 Children's Fishing Derby winners!
 It is easy to prepare for the 2020 assessment by paying a small amount each month. Call the office to find out how to set up automatic payments. Call the WHOA office if you have questions about your assessment or for address/phone/email changes. 530-352-4222.

Also, please fill out the Information update form here and send to Deb .
We have been busy cleaning up our trails after the storm caused many trees to fall. We cleared Juniper Trail, Deer Camp, and have started on Green Gate. There are lots of trees out there. We checked Barn Trail Tuesday. There are more trees to cut to get it passable. Please check Facebook to see details on upcoming guided rides and Gymkhana!
Blue, a 24 year old Blue Roan QH. 15 Hands 1150 lbs
Ranch Rule of the Quarter
Owners must pay the $60 electricity fee when moving into the RV spot. If owners are not present when their RV is moved on, the owner has 14 days to pay the $60 electricity fee. If the owner does not leave RV plugged in when not on ranch, they do not have to pay the electricity fee.
Maintenance Report
Maintenance has been extremely busy cleaning debris and fixing downed power lines from the recent snowstorm. As we approach "mowing season" a.k.a. Springtime, please be mindful of personal property surrounding your RV that can damage the lawnmower.
Downed tree "B Side"
One of MANY branch piles on "A Side"
Upcoming Events
For more information on our upcoming events, like Paintball, Corned Beef & Cabbage, live bands, and more, click here to see our "Events" page on Facebook.