March 29, 2018
Camp Card News
The Half Way Point
Congratulations, we are now half way through the camp card sale. There are still additional cards if you need them.  Please contact your Camp Card Champion, District Executive or Leisha at the Scout office, 717-394-4063 or . If you have found out that you have too many cards, they can be returned now and other units that need them can have the opportunity to sell them. Be sure to keep in touch with your boys and their families to see how they are doing. Review your selling calendar as needed, plan neighborhood sales walks etc.  
Selling Tips
1)        If you have not yet set up the remainder of your show and sells remember a great strategy for the sale is not to be directly in front of one of our venders, but nearby. When a Vender becomes a partner with us one of the drivers for them is how can they bring additional business into their store. While we appreciate a vender that allows Scouts to sell at the store think of the positive effect we would have with that same vender if someone was shopping a few doors down and them having purchased a card decides to go to our partner.
2)       One additional note on show and sells remember not to overload the venue with Scouts. In most locations two Scouts is probably fine and this increases the total sales for each. While more scouts may give you some additional coverage the law of diminishing returns will begin to come into play, and as always pay attention to Scout safety.
3)       Be sure you are managing your inventory. If you have given cards out to your families keep in touch with them. Remember the cards are just like money and any cards not returned must be paid for. Ensure your parents understand that and you may save yourself headaches in the end.
“A Scout is Thrifty…”
            A Scout works to pay their way and to help others. They save for the future. They carefully use time and property. As an adult we have learned life is not a free ride. There are bills to pay and obligations. One of the most rewarding life skills that we can teach our scouts is the pleasure of making their way. While we all enjoy that gift, remember what it felt like the first time you purchased something, when it wasn’t given to you and the pride you felt that you knew that you earned it. Whether it was your first car, first home or paying for a major life event. Knowing that you had earned it inspired self-confidence and the feeling that you knew you would be able to navigate this world.
               This is what we teach a youth when we help them to pay their way to camp, or jamboree or Philmont. This is one of the important life lessons we can give to a young person, one of the real reasons that the camp card sale is important and how it can help them to grow. That is our job as parents, teachers and volunteers in Scouting to help prepare them for the future. 
Council/District Champion Contacts
Council Champion: 
Conni Yoder
Staff Adviser:
Scott Arnold
Staff Administrator:
Leisha Rivera
Conestoga River District: 
John Tomisetti
Harvest District:
Nikki Rohrback
Horseshoe Trail District:
Deb Smith
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