May 8, 2018
Camp Card News
The End Point
We hope you had a great sale. Don’t forget that the sale ends Friday June 1 st . If you need any cards for the last few weeks let us know. We have additional cards if you need them.  Please contact your Camp Card Champion, District Executive or the office to get more. Be sure to keep in touch with your boys and their families. Among the items to make sure you are tracking is the collection of their unsold cards. Cards and monies are due to the council service center by Friday June 15 th . Any cards not returned to the council service center by June 15 th will be assessed to the unit and will need to be paid for by June 15 th . If you have questions please contact your district Champion, DE or the office. Thank you again for participating in the sale and giving your Scouts an opportunity to earn their way through Scouting.   
End of sale survey
Be looking for our end of sale survey. We made a few changes in the sale this year and it would help us immensely if you would take the time to complete it. Your answers will help us plan for future sales. As you are completing it, please think about the mechanics of the sale, venders and other items from the council end that we could change to improve the sale and help improve your unit sales. If you have vender suggestions, we would appreciate that as well. 
Council Incentives
          Please don’t forget to file your 2018 Incentive report. To be eligible for the incentives the report must be received no later than June 15 th . The top salesman for the council will receive a $150.00 Amazon Gift Card, *must have sold a minimum of 250 cards. The top salesman in each district will receive a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card, *must have sold a minimum of 150 cards and does not stack with council top salesman. For every youth who sold a minimum of 100 cards they will receive a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card, * does not stack with either top council or top district salesman. ** only one gift card per Scout.

Thank you again from the entire Camp Card team.
Council/District Champion Contacts
Council Champion: 
Conni Yoder
Staff Adviser:
Scott Arnold
Staff Administrator:
Leisha Rivera
Conestoga River District: 
John Tomassetti
Harvest District:
Nikki Rohrback
Horseshoe Trail District:
Deb Smith
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