March 15, 2018
Camp card news
Additional Cards
                From initial reports it sounds as if your sale is going well. We have already had a few units request additional cards. If your stock is running low and you need additional cards just contact Leisha at the Scout office, 717-394-4063 or .  Let her know how many cards and which type you need and we can have them ready for your unit to pick up, or make arrangements with your Executive or Champion for delivery.
Bonus Savings
            Don’t forget the most exciting new item on this year’s camp card is the Bonus savings. From what we are hearing customers really like this feature, so be sure your families fully understand how the Bonus Savings work. Because the savings are found by zip code, cards purchased here can be used around the country, and while a Scouting supporter may not be able to use the rest of the card out of the area the card travels extremely well. Be sure that all your boys can explain how the bonus savings work and your sales will grow.      
Selling Tips
1)       Have you put a plan together to encourage your Scouts to cover their neighborhood? Or if you live in a more rural area have you tried to go house to house. A story was recently related to me how out in a rural area the sales went up, because the prospects almost never had anyone come to their doors. So keep that in mind as you help your youth reach their goals. Just make sure that Safe Scouting guidelines are always followed.
2)       Be sure you are managing your inventory. If you have given cards out to your families keep in touch with them. Remember the cards are just like money and any cards not returned must be paid for. Ensure your parents understand that and you may save yourself headaches in the end.

       “A Scout is Courteous…”

We hope your sale is going well. As you know, there are many things that can affect your sale. Some of these things are out of your control, but others are not. One key item that may have a positive affect is how your youth handle rejection. Rejection is a part of life and an important life skill is learning to handle failure. We know that not every attempted sale is a success. When a sale does not go according to plan how does your Scout handle that? Spend time discussing with them how to handle that rejection. We all want our youth to be successful, and part of that success is dealing with failure. In all cases whether the sale succeeds or not, coach the scout to be courteous. Say thank you and tell them to have a nice day. If they do buy be sure they thank them for “supporting Scouting.”
There may be many reasons that do not have anything to do with the Scout or their behavior that a person said no, but there are just as many examples of how a Scout’s behavior affected a sale. As we have talked about before, there are many times a Scout will make a sale after the initial ask was declined, to the person declining or to a witness to the ask, because of how the rejection was handled by a courteous and polite Scout. There are also times that if the Scout was perceived as rude that sale may still happen, but in the future the person will remember how they were treated, and that will be why the next time the sale fails.

So, work with your youth and remind them that “A Scout is Courteous.”  
Council/District Champion Contacts
Council Champion: 
Conni Yoder
Staff Adviser:
Scott Arnold
Staff Administrator:
Leisha Rivera
Conestoga River District: 
John Tomisetti
Harvest District:
Nikki Rohrback
Horseshoe Trail District:
Deb Smith
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