March 1, 2018
Camp card news
Sale Begins Today
               Thank you everyone again for choosing to participate in the 2018 Camp Card sale. I hope that you are as excited about this year’s sale as we are. During the next few weeks you will receive emails from us highlighting the sale, giving best practice tips and other information that we hope will be helpful to you.

Bonus Savings
               One of the keys to having a successful sale is making sure that your parents and boys fully understand the new Bonus Saving piece to the card. This is a huge selling point for your boys. Things to know are that the site is entered by signing on to . Once on the site you will need to enter an email, zip code and the access code. Each card has an individual access card, which is tied to an email so every card needs its own email. Once entered you will not have to enter the code again. This allows bonus coupons which may be printed off or used direct from a smart phone.
               Once on the site the purchaser selects which area they want to look in: Dining, Things to Do, Shopping, Services, Online Coupons or Travel. Then you start saving. If you would like a different area just type in the place name or zip code. This enables the card to be used around the country. For just a few of the saving look at the Bonus Saving Information on the council website. For the Lancaster Card, or for the Lebanon Card, .
               The site will also record your current savings to date.  
Selling Tips
With the start of the sale two key things to remember.
1)       Safety. While we want all scouts to be successful we want to make sure that they follow safe selling techniques. Do not have Scouts selling by themselves, there should always be at least two people. Do door to door sales only during daylight hours. Use safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at busy intersections. Do not enter the home of a stranger.  Do not carry large amounts of money. Provision for safeguarding the money is made in advance. It is best to have at least one adult accompany youth, but adhere to the no one on one contact rule.
2)       Have the sales speech rehearsed. Have the boys practice. It will also improve their confidence. Here is a sample;
Hi, my name is _____ and I’m a Cub/Boy Scout/ Venture with Pack/Troop/Crew # ___.
I’m selling camp cards so I can ______. (go to camp / pay for my Scouting program) The card can be used at local merchants. I have a goal of $____. You can help me reach my goal.  You’ll help me won’t you.

Having a Kickoff
            One of the Keys to a Successful Sale is a Successful Kickoff . Why? A kickoff defines the units expectations: Unit goal, When unsold cards need to be returned, How to get additional cards, What if any Show and Sells need coverage. It should also cover pertinent information for parents and boys: available prizes, how many cards sold earns a free camp, what proceeds will be used for if being used for something other than camp. Additionally, a kickoff should help boys and families set goals. Finally, make your kickoff fun. Keep it short, but make it enjoyable and establish check points in your sale that you can follow up on.

“A Scout is Brave…”
               Why should a youth sell camp cards? He can help earn his way to camp, to raise money to help make his unit more successful, or to support other experiences in this great program. All of these are true, but how does this apply to the Scout Law. There are many ways, but consider this:
               When a Scout participates in a product sale they approach people who in many cases they do not know. They ask them to support a program that many of those being approached may not be familiar with. This forces a Scout out of their comfort zones. It requires them to face the possibility of rejection. In short it forces them to be brave. 
               Bravery is a quality where someone faces something they are uncomfortable with, and by facing that they learn they can deal with that thing. One of the bravest things that a 1 st , 5 th or 9 th grader can do is go up to someone they don’t know and ask them to be a part of what they are doing. The person may say no which helps to teach rejection, or they may say yes. This forces the youth to grow and helps to prepare them to be an adult. 
               So remember that yes while they are raising money, the most important thing is that we continue to help our youth grow mentally and emotionally as we prepare them for their future.  

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