April 25, 2018
Camp Card News
One Month to go
As we head into May we still have another month of sales ahead of us. If you feel your unit is done with your sale you may turn in any unsold cards and settle up. However, if your families still are selling encourage them. From most accounts the sale is going well. People seem to like the Bonus Savings code and because the card may be used outside of the area people are buying cards for friends and family who live out of the area. We recently heard of someone whose phone was automatically tracking where they were and let them know exactly what offers were available in that area. Make sure your sales force, your Scouts and families, understand how it all works and your sales will continue to increase. Good luck.   
Additional Cards
We are still having units request additional cards. If your stock is running low and you need additional cards contact Leisha at the Scout office, 717-394-4063 or leishamarie.rivera@scouting.org . Let her know how many cards and which type you need and we can have them ready for your unit to pick up, or make arrangements with your Executive or Champion for delivery.
“A Scout is Helpful…”
How does the 3 rd point of the Scout law fit into a product sale? A Scout should want to help their unit, friends and families. Earning their own way helps to alleviate the families’ costs of being in Scouting, helping their parents. Making a Scout responsible for their activities helps them to buy into the unit more. It helps out the unit by giving them additional funds that can be used to help improve the program, whether that is reviving the unit library or purchasing new camping gear. It may seem a stretch, but this card can also help friends reduce their costs. With the added bonus savings depending on what is used it can help someone save hundreds of dollars. Universal Studios has a buy 2 Days get 2 bonus days free. That is a savings of about $100.00, not bad for a $5.00 purchase. So a helpful Scout can help your unit, friends and family save money. Is that helpful?
Council/District Champion Contacts
Council Champion: 
Conni Yoder
Staff Adviser:
Scott Arnold
Staff Administrator:
Leisha Rivera
Conestoga River District: 
John Tomassetti
Harvest District:
Nikki Rohrback
Horseshoe Trail District:
Deb Smith
Pennsylvania Dutch Council, BSA | (717)394-4063 | (717)394-7776 | Leishamarie.Rivera@scouting.org