April 12, 2018
Camp Card News
Camp Card Sale Extension Announcement
Big News!!! If you haven’t yet heard the sale dates for Camp Cards have been extended. The sale is going very well. So well in fact that we received requests from several units about having a longer sale. We talked with our vender partners and they have agreed that we may extend the sale. Does that mean you must sell till June 1 st ? No, If you feel your youth have completed their sale you may still turn in your cards before the official end of the sale if you wish. Unsold cards and payments may be turned in at any time at the Scout Service center. 
If you believe you will not be needing cards that you have, especially Lebanon Cards, please return them ASAP so other units may have them. Cards may continue to be signed out as you need them, additional cards are available from the council service center or make arrangements with your District Executive to get them.
New deadline dates are as follows:
  • Sale officially Ends Friday June 1
  • All final monies and unsold cards are due to the council offices Friday June 15th
  • All prize forms are due to council offices no later than June 15th to be eligible

Please, make adjustments to your plans as you see fit and keep up the great job. If you need anything else to keep your success going let us know.
Additional Cards
We are still having units request additional cards. If your stock is running low and you need additional cards contact Leisha at the Scout office, 717-394-4063 or leishamarie.rivera@scouting.org . Let her know how many cards and which type you need and we can have them ready for your unit to pick up, or make arrangements with your Executive or Champion for delivery.
If you have unsold Lebanon Cards and you feel you will not need them we are down to a few hundred and would like to have them back in so units who want them are able to get them. If you are able to bring them back to the Council Service Center or make arrangements with your Executive or Champion for pickup.
“A Scout is Clean…”
As with many things in life it is the small things that make a difference. Although many parents may not think about it one of the items that may make or break a sale is the 11 th point of the Scout Law, “A Scout is Clean.” Presentation is very important in sales. Your Scout should have a clean uniform. It should not be wrinkled, left over from last week’s meeting where it was wadded up and tossed into a room. Hands and face washed, hair neatly combed or brushed. Teeth brushed and an overall fresh appearance. While selling be sure to use a sidewalk or driveway. You don’t want your Scout tracking mud through anyone’s yard. A Scout who presents well and fits the idea of what a Scout should look like will see higher sales than one who does not, especially if the Scout is older. So, remind your Scouts that before they sell they should properly prepare themselves, and they will have higher sales. Keep up the good work.
Council/District Champion Contacts
Council Champion: 
Conni Yoder
Staff Adviser:
Scott Arnold
Staff Administrator:
Leisha Rivera
Conestoga River District: 
John Tomisetti
Harvest District:
Nikki Rohrback
Horseshoe Trail District:
Deb Smith
Pennsylvania Dutch Council, BSA | (717)394-4063 | (717)394-7776 | Leishamarie.Rivera@scouting.org