A 3 Step Easy-To-Apply System
The first step is to give you core media law knowledge and reveal the hidden liabilities of libel, libel by implication, republication, retweeting, "Free Speech" on private devices and social media networks, First Amendment protected vs. unprotected opinions and jokes, cyber-harassment, true threats, and copyright infringement. This new knowledge base gives you the foundational skills to identify toxic content on posts, tweets, texts, emails, pictures, video, meme, hashtags, and other digital content.
The next step is to use the new media law knowledge gained in Step 1 to identify ("Red Flag") high liability social media content. This evaluation filters out social media content that can expose you to costly lawsuits and a loss of your business reputation. You apply this system to all your posts, tweets, texts, emails, video, live steams, and other forms of digital media.
In the third and final step, you send out your filtered social media content with confidence that it's free of high risk language that could be open to misinterpretations and trigger costly lawsuits. The ultimate goal of my "Red Flag" system, is to replace your previous fear with confidence that you have the skill to always send out legally safe social media content to any third party.
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