A 3 Step Easy-To-Apply System
The first step is to give you basic knowledge and reveal the hidden liabilities of libel, libel by implication, First Amendment law, privacy, cyberharassment, and copyright infringement. This new knowledge base gives you the skill to identify toxic content on posts, tweets, texts, emails, pictures, video, meme, hashtags, and other digital content.
Now that you have new skills to identify "high liability" OSINT and SOCMINT evidence, the second step is to use simple strategies to identify and make a risk assessment as to what toxic content will be eliminated or properly disclaimed. This evaluation is made on a case to case basis, but you learn to prioritize what content must never be transmitted to a third party, and what social media evidence can be transmitted as long as it's properly disclaimed in the context of your specific investigation.
The third and final step is to set up a tight infrastructure for your evidence to be incorporated in your Social Media Investigation (SMI) report without privacy or other liability concerns.. You learn how to communicate your OSINT and SOCMINT evidence to clients, attorneys, law enforcement, news media, and other third parties without any legal fears.
A Career-Saving Online Course
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"Let me begin by thanking you once again for an outstanding social media investigation seminar. I have heard positive comments from the attendees. Many students of your class shook my hand and thanked me for bringing such a quality course that pleased everyone."

Sgt. Farzad Shaif, Fmr. Training Supervisor, Pennsylvania State Police
Social Media Investigation Seminar, Hershey, PA

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