A 3 Step Easy-To-Apply System
The first step is to give you basic knowledge and reveal the hidden liabilities of libel, libel by implication, First Amendment law, privacy, cyber-harassment, and copyright infringement. This new knowledge base gives you the skill to identify toxic content on posts, tweets, texts, emails, pictures, video, memes emoticons, hashtags, and other "high liability" digital content.
The next step to build on the information you learned in Step I, and introduce simple strategies to identify content that isn't constitutionally protected speech. You learn easy-to-apply techniques that help you differentiate between content that is 'high liability" and you don't want to send out, and content that is legally safe.
The final step is, once you decide what social media content is toxic and needs to be eliminated or properly disclaimed, you learn expert strategies to avoid violating your state's public record laws. certain social media data, you do it without violating public record laws. These strategies also apply to work-related content on personal devices and cloud data.
You Can't Wait For A Lawsuit. You''ll Lose Everything
All Employees Take My New Master Class On Avoiding Social Media Liability And Complying With The New Federal Laws

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"Mark, your courses always give me new information on the
hidden liabilities other instructors overlook."

- Mike Weaver, 911 Director, Lancaster County, PA
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