Spring 2018
Dr. Blacktop / Green & Beutiful
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An ounce of prevention $aves a ton of stuff
The weather becomes more extreme every year. The river levels are already high so a few heavy Spring rains could easily cause flooding. Take the time to improve the flow of water away from your foundation before its to late.

I mproving the flow of water away from your house reduces the stress on your sump pump,helps control soil erosion and saturation. Well drained soil also reduces your risk of lawn fungus, plant root rot and breeding mosquito's. I have outlined a few tips to reduce the odds of problems this Spring.
1) Consider replacing your sump pump
average life of a sump pump is 10 years
2) Inspect fittings and discharge hose
move discharge hose around yard to avoid saturation
3) Add a battery back about $200
could save the day in a power failure
4) Install a water level alarm
gives early warning of problems cost $20 and up
5) Add extentions to downspouts
many styles available to move water away from foundation

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$pring $avings

2 car garage drives $65 3 car $75
standard driveways includes all labor and materials

Lawn Aeration $54.95 speed up your lawns recovery! up to 1./2 acre

Spring Fertilizer $45 help your lawn recover and store needed nutrients

Spring Fertilizer and Aeration Special $89.95 up to 10,000 sq ft

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Charity Bike Drive !
We volunteer to collect and
fix bikes for deserving kids.

Your donation will help us reach
our goal of matching over 100
deserving kids with a bike

Thanks to our volunteers who help with parts and service. Donate your old bike to us then stop by and visit them for a new bike, service and RC Hobby supplies