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By: Greg Roberts - 8/30/2022

New York Audio Show 2022

Let me start by apologizing that this newsletter is so short. If you're new to this newsletter, please go back and read some of the previous ones and you'll realize what I'm talking about. I typically spend about 15 hours of time writing the content and processing photos for my newsletters, and lately I simply have not had the time to do this.  

But . . . I wanted to let you all know that I will be at the New York Audio Show in a couple of weeks and I'll have a new speaker with me.  

A new speaker you say?  

Hmmm . . . what have you been working on now Greg?

Well, so nice of you to ask.  

Actually, it's not really a new speaker, it's the Razz, but with a new, clean, colorful look.

It's so new, the lacquer is still drying!  I'm cutting it close on this one.  No photos yet, you'll have to wait to see them on the website in a few weeks.  

But imagine the Razz with a veneer on all sides, including the fronts.  Imagine the veneer a dyed blue poplar with a very deep blue color.   

No grills - the fronts are finished beautifully in veneer.

They have a couple little details like square black feet at each corner, and a cool metal mesh grill inside the port opening.  

They are called the Razz-LE, for Limited Edition.  Here at the shop we call them the Razzles.  

A little Razzle Dazzle coming to the New York Audio Show!  

More Razzles coming soon, in Crimson Red, Sage Green, and Drift Gray Oak.  Keep an eye out on the website.  

Oh alright, here you go.  You talked me into it.  Tucked away in the break-in corner of the veneer room, breaking in with "Motherbug" at a pretty ripe volume via my 40+ year old McIntosh 2120.  

Razzle01 image


Would you like to buy an audio rack that I built a few years ago? I love the sound of heavy wood racks like this, and I've got a used one that I don't use anymore. It's in remarkably good condition considering it was used at several shows.

It's made with 2" thick Baltic Birch plywood and veneered with walnut wood veneer. It has a clear satin lacquer finish.

As shown with the two plinths and spikes under everything. It's about 30" tall and 22" wide and 18" deep. Please don't hold me to those dimensions exactly. It's packed away in a crate and I don't want to take it out to set it up again to measure it.

Make a reasonable offer

So will we see you at the New York Audio Show? Let me know.

Well that's it for this issue of the Volti Audio email newsletter.  A short one I know.  Sorry about that.  I'll try to do better next time.


Thank you for subscribing and until next time, trust your ears and as always, Have Fun!