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By: Greg Roberts - 12/2/2022

A Rare Opportunity!

Hello subscribers. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday (yes because of the food).

We had a very successful New York Audio show and an equally successful Capital Audiofest since I last sent you a newsletter.

Attendance at the New York show was sparse, and with only about twelve rooms showing gear I guess that is why. But still, the folks wandering around to those twelve rooms seemed to be having a very good time and I did too. There was some really nice gear there, and quite a few rooms sounded very good to my ears. I got to spend some time talking to colleagues/friends, and really enjoyed being in the hustle and bustle of the city for that short time. 

Capital Audiofest was completely different. This has slowly become a premier show here in the U.S., with more rooms this year than at any time before. Attendance was brisk the whole weekend. Our room sounded pretty good, but not the best we've ever done. I'm not sure what was going on, but we were getting boomier bass than I ever remember in that room. We've had the same room for years now. Makes me want to consider moving to a different room next year. It would take a LOT of room treatment to tame the powerful Volti speakers in that room. Or a lighter touch on the volume dial. Yeah, that's not going to happen. We'll get it figured out for next year.

Next up is the Florida show - yet another well-run show that is growing in popularity. How about visiting Tampa in February and checking out an audio show? If you haven't been to one, you really should sometime. They are a blast.

Now - onto the real reason I sent you this newsletter.

AL2 image

A Rare Opportunity

To buy one of the finest set of speakers to ever come out of my shop. The last pair of Aluras that I built. Finished in the most spectacular veneer I think I've ever used, and that's saying something. Bosse Cedar that has the most incredible 3D effect - I hope the pictures can convey it.

These are the finest looking and finest sounding Aluras as well. They have custom built external crossovers and Triode Wire Labs wiring throughout.

The previous owner took great care of them and they are in perfect, like-new condition. Not a mark or scratch anywhere to be found.

I've got them back here in my demo room and I've tested them, inspected them, upgraded the resistors, and they are ready for a new home.

The sound of these big speakers really took me back when I first turned them on. It's been a couple of years since I heard a set of my large-format models (Vittora, Alura). The Razz and The Rivals sound much smaller by comparison. The expansive soundstage and deeper bass of the Alura is impressive. I'd really like to keep them for myself!

I've heard nothing at any of the shows I've been to recently that can compare to the sound that is coming from my system right now. Nothing. Not at any price.

They come with brand new crates and I will arrange for the shipping to your door or I will deliver them and set them up in your listening room. Just contact me to work out the details. But don't wait too long, because I predict someone is going to grab these up quickly.

$22,900 or best offer.

Go see all the pictures at the Volti Audio website:

Volti Audio Speakers For Sale

AL3 image
AL8 image

So will we see you at the Tampa, Florida Show? Let me know.

Well that's it for this issue of the Volti Audio email newsletter. Another short one. It's really difficult for me to find the time to write the usual-longer ones. I've never been busier building speakers than I am right now. I'll take it! It's all because of YOU folks out there, supporting my small business. Thank you.


Thank you for subscribing and until next time,

trust your ears and as always,

Have Fun!