August 2021
No one said it better than the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus when he noted, “No man ever steps into the same river twice.” This shrewd observation applies to any body of water that you might step into, or launch your boat upon. 

Because conditions are always changing, it’s important to have accurate navigational aids. When you have a printed-on-demand chart from OceanGrafix, you will have the most accurate information available. 

Why use up-to-date charts?

  1. Nature and human activity can change shoreline configuration.
  2. The location of surface markers (like lights and buoys) are subject to change.
  3. The topography below the water changes, too.

Safety at Sea
In the midst of a very busy hurricane season, the National Weather Service reminds us that hazardous conditions can occur well ahead of (and well after) a hurricane’s arrival. 

Ninety percent of hurricane-related deaths involve water from storm surge, inland flooding, rip currents and rough surf. How can you stay safe?
• Stay informed about tornadoes, which can form from hurricanes.
• Avoid walking through floodwaters that may contain pollution, debris, or wildlife.
• Check on vulnerable people, and avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration.
• Beware of downed power lines.
• Ensure proper use of generators to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

U.S. Coast Guard Celebrates Birthday
Earlier this month, the United States Coast Guard celebrated its 231st birthday. Originally named the Revenue Cutter Service, the Coast Guard was formed when U.S. President George Washington signed the Tariff Act into law on August 4, 1790. Secretary Alexander Hamilton proposed this law to fight against smuggling and to enforce tax and trade laws.

For 231 years, the Coast Guard has been safeguarding the American people. As part of the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime, it is responsible for maritime safety, security, and environmental stewardship in U.S. ports and waterways. In times of war, or at the direction of the President, the Coast Guard serves under the Department of the Navy, defending the nation against terrorism and foreign threats.

Semper Paratus—Always Ready!