October 2020
Celebrating NOAA's 50th Anniversary
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) celebrated its 50-year anniversary on October 3, 2020, and the agency is finding unique ways to commemorate the milestone.

Available to the public, The Oral History 50th Anniversary Series is a collection of audio interviews with NOAA influencers including diving pioneer Dick Rutkowski and Captain Maureen Kenny. The audio series also includes a salute to NOAA’s championsthe scientists, administrators, and senators who helped shape NOAA into the agency it is today. 

As both the first physical science agency and the first conservation agency in the U.S., NOAA “was born out of an idea that the ocean and atmosphere are inextricably linked,” says Acting Administrator Dr. Neil Jacobs. Today, it’s involved in weather and climate research, fishery conservation, charting the ocean floor, and more.

Safety at Sea
The mission of the United States Coast Guard is to ensure our nation’s maritime safety, security, and stewardship. On a typical day, Coast Guard personnel will:

  • Conduct 45 search and rescues

  • Save 10 lives

  • Seize 874 pounds of cocaine

  • Interdict 17 illegal migrants

  • Investigate 35 pollution incidents

  • Facilitate the movement of $8.7 billion worth of goods and commodities
With winter weather approaching, it is time to prepare your boat for the coldwhether
it is staying in the water or in dry dock.

According to BoatU.S., three-quarters of insurance claims that involved freezing (over a ten-year period) resulted in damage “because water remained in the engine or cooling system during a hard freeze.” Even in warmer climates, proper winterization, storage, and battery care can help boaters avoid headaches in the spring.