SuzNews Vol. 11.2 | November 26th, 2020
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Together while Apart
Our Fall session of Group Classes is complete. We thank all our students and parents for their efforts in joining our virtual group classes, participating, learning and sharing with their teachers and classmates.

We are now on break from Group Classes until January. Private lessons continue until the two week school holiday.

We also have our online Studio Recitals coming up in the next few weeks. We hope you gather with your children and perhaps a hot chocolate and cozy blanket to take part in your Studio recital when it is online. Viewing details to come!
PS: A reminder that your individual recordings for the Studio recital are due by November 30th.
Faculty Benefit Concert 2020
- Thank you!
Thank you to our Faculty and Liko for preparing an inspiring online concert for us this Fall. Thank you to everyone who attended this virtual concert and donated to the Bursary Fund. We had over 300 views while the concert was up on youtube. Watch for the release of individual performances on youtube over the next weeks.

In total we raised over $1200.00 for this great cause. If you are a SuzukiMusic family struggling financially during this pandemic please message Liko directly at to apply for some tuition assistance.
United Way/GCWCC Campaign
A reminder to our SuzukiMusic members and friends who are Public Servants and would like to direct their donations toward our school, the Government of Canada Workplace Charity Campaign(GCWCC) campaign ends Friday December 4th.

Through the GCWCC, public servants can support any registered Canadian charity of their choosing, including our school. Our special thanks to those of you who have chosen to direct your donations toward SuzukiMusic.

SuzukiMusic is a non-profit corporation and registered charity. 892776378RR0001
Music can help us connect while apart
We are heading into a very different winter than we are used to. We are faced with the reality of being apart from friends and loved ones and trying to find unique and interesting ways to stay connected. Here are a few ideas for using music to connect with our families in our homes or through virtual visits over the holidays:

Dinner Table Conversations:
For conversation starters either at the table or online here are a few music related topics to get you started: What song reminds you of summer? Of Winter? What was your first concert? How did you listen to music growing up-records, cassettes, CDs? Do you have special memories associated with a specific song? What's your favourite song to sing?

Music Talent Show
Get the whole family involved with a family Talent Show. The children can play their instruments and parents can join in with improvised percussion such as pots and spoons, homemade shakers, a set of keys.... the possibilities are endless. Gather some friends and family in a zoom call to take turns performing in the Talent Show. Non-musicians can get creative with singing or dancing to their favourite songs.

Try creating a rhythm machine - to do this one person starts by counting the beat (4/4 is easiest) and then adding a rhythm by tapping, plucking, rattling, banging etc. Each family member joins in with their own rhythm to the same beat until everyone is making a rhythm. Then slowly one by one in the reverse order each family member stops their rhythm until only the original rhythm remains. Take turns starting the rhythm machine. This would be harder to do in an online zoom call, though grandparents/friends etc. could be the audience to your families' creativity.

Check out some Online Live concerts
Many music groups are getting creative and performing live online. There is usually a cost involved (ticket to purchase) to access the concert, but this would be a fun way to have a virtual outing while staying home.

Parent Education Corner
As we all get used to this temporary period of virtual lessons here are a few reminders to help get each lesson off to a good start.
Upcoming Events
Winter Studio Recitals
Stay tuned for details on when and how to access the Virtual Studio Recitals.
Remember your individual recordings are due on November 30th!

Winter Break Studio Lessons
There will be no Studio lessons from Monday December 21st 2020 through Sunday January 3rd 2021.

Virtual Group Classes resume on January 23, 2021.

For updated details,
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