SuzNews Vol. 11.4 | April 30th, 2021
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News from your National Capital Suzuki School of Music
Virtual Viva Suzuki 2.0
Please join us for our annual musical celebration! This year we are celebrating a year of online learning and community - together while apart. Our concert will be in the form of a youtube premiere. The link to the premiere will be available here on May 22nd. See you then!
Can your Business Sponsor our School?
If you are a small business owner or work for a company that would be interested in advertising with us, please consider becoming a 2021-2022 Sponsor.

Covid has impacted everyone including our school and many small businesses.  Our usual Sponsorship structure includes the opportunity to pay differing amounts for different sizes of Ads in our Viva Suzuki Programme, online newsletter and website, as well as your logo being added to all event programmes throughout the school year.

This year, because we will not be having a Viva Suzuki Programme and cannot guarantee printed programmes for 2021-2022 events and because we know money is tight everywhere we have a different system in place.

Benefits as Sponsor:
Logo recognition on Website Sponsor Page,
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Your sponsorship supports Faculty Development, School programming, and helps provide materials for our sister school Vision Nouvelle in Haiti

Thank you for considering sponsorship as a way of
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Please email Susan at to sponsor our school or to get more information.
SuzukiMusic FlipGive Fundraiser
We won't be able to do our usual Viva Suzuki fundraisers this year, but our flipgive account is still open - this is an easy way to fundraise, please share with family and friends. As well as the percentages our school gets for each gift card purchased, for each person who joins, Flipgive will give our school fundraising account a bonus 5$.

With Mother's Day around the corner you can find lots of great Mother's Day gift ideas at FlipGive!

There are three ways that you can fundraise for our school using this app.

1) You can purchase e-gift cards that are delivered directly to your email box for stores that you go to anyways and pay for your groceries, gas and other essentials using those gift cards. You are spending the money you would have spent anyways but now a percentage of that purchase goes back to our school at no cost to you. 

2) You can purchase e-gift cards for friends and family as gifts for special occasions. Again the e-gift cards come direct to your email box and you can print them off or forward them to friends and family.

3) You can make online purchases directly through the app and a percentage of your purchase is given to our school. 

These small percentages (often 1, 2 or 3% of the cost of the gift card or online purchase) add up quickly and are a no-stress, no effort way to raise money for
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There are frequent new special offers from week to week.

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Studio Spotlight
During term 3, Judy challenged her students to create a review chain. Each link represents one piece reviewed.
Rubianne is proud to show hers.
Well done Rubianne and all of Judy's students who participated!
Group Class Spotlight
Our Viola Ensemble under the guidance of Keite Gularte
prepared a treat for us! Enjoy!
Online Family and Friends Concert 2021
Thank you to all of our students who participated in this year's Family and Friends concert and all those who attended! There were so many creative, fun, and beautiful contributions. You can hear the whole concert below.
A look back at last year's Viva Finale
As we find ourselves in the middle of another lockdown we may be feeling tired, anxious, or down. Music has a special way of giving us solace and lifting our spirits and we hope that having a listen to last year's finale gives you a moment of joy.

We would like to reiterate our thanks to all Suzuki family members who are essential workers during this pandemic.
Parent Education Corner
Maintaining Motivation:

May is officially just around the corner. As we are nearing the end of this unique pandemic school year we are also hitting crunch time with Viva Suzuki and end of year recitals coming up quickly. Rather than taking the foot off the gas pedal, these next few weeks will require some extra prep and practice as your student gets ready to record their parts for Viva and the end of year Studio recital.  

This is a tricky time for a Suzuki parent, because motivation to practice may be fading but healthy practice habits are more important than ever. Although in an ideal world our children would all be intrinsically motivated to practice well every day, reality is often quite different. 

What are some ways that we parents can help keep the music practice motivation up?  

Rewards can be helpful during phases where a student is resistant to practicing. It’s important to make the reward relevant to the child in front of you - and one reward may not work with all siblings in one family. 
Rewards can be immediate, like one smartie for every repetition of twinkle or rewards can be delayed - fill your practice chart with X stickers and get Y where Y can be a treat, or a book, or an activity with a parent or something you know your child would enjoy. Rather than a practice chart you can use a jar and marbles and decide together what aspect of practice gets a marble. When the jar is full then a predetermined relevant to the child reward is given.  

Structure the practice. Your teacher will have a basic routine for their lesson that you can structure your practice around; for example - scale - review piece - new piece - group class work. Some children may like to have a checklist where they check off each practice segment as it’s done. Others may prefer some unpredictability so they could roll a dice to decide what practice segment comes next.  

Add Fun. If needed, use a practice board game like this one. Simply print it off and find a token to move along the board. There are two ways to use this game. Choose three practice points and assign one to each shape - smile/triangle/heart. Your child rolls a dice, moves their token the number of spaces on the dice and does the practice point corresponding to that shape. Alternatively, cut out the cards on page 2 and 3 and on the back write down one review piece per card -or one practice point per card - or fun/silly challenges like play Twinkle standing on one foot, play Allegro while marching, play Go Tell Aunt Rhody with your bow backwards - or a combination of all these ideas. Shuffle the cards and then your child picks the top card, moves their token to the next square showing that picture and does whatever is written on the back of the card. Getting a question mark, means the child can choose. (Maybe your child can choose to get you to do something!)

Availability of the materials. The instrument that is out and ready to be played is easier to get practice started with. Have a safe space where the instrument can sit or hang and be ready to be scooped up and practiced. Reducing barriers to practice, even simple ones like getting the instrument out of its case, will help get practice started quickly.  

Positive language When it’s time to practice use positive language to set the tone - for example: “We get to play music together” instead of “We have to practice”. Frame your comments positively during the practice session.  

Listen to the repertoire - even our most mature students can benefit from listening. Listening helps with practice flow - listening to the pieces that are being practiced and that are coming up next makes learning the piece that much easier.

To read the full article on motivating your child to practice click on this link

A special note about teenagers - By the time our kids are teenagers most of these practice strategies will not be relevant - though keeping the instrument handy and listening are helpful at all ages. Teens love apps and there's a fun one called Modacity that teens can use to track their practice. This app allows students to make practice playlists, track practice time, track progress and set reminders. Users can record themselves and listen to themselves. They can save recordings and listen to old recordings of themselves to see how much they've improved. Modacity allows them to take notes, even keep a practice journal.

A final note for all ages ~ Celebrate the Milestones
Whatever age your child is, when they finish a book, have a mini party - bake a cake or let them choose a favourite meal for dinner. Go for icecream after a recital or event like Viva Suzuki (or make your own sundae bar at home during our virtual recitals and events). Find some way to mark the occasion and make it special for your Suzuki Kid no matter how old they are.

And remember to give yourself a pat on the back too, being a Suzuki Parent is hard work and takes practice too.
Upcoming Events
Virtual Viva Suzuki 2.0
Saturday May 22nd, 11 AM, Youtube Premiere
(link will be emailed and will be available on our facebook page)

Spring Studio Recitals
Stay tuned for more information

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