Have You Seen Them?

As we continue our Advent sermon series "Angels Among Us" and live into this last week before Christmas, I want to stop for a minute to recognize some of the angels within our Martin family. Often we go through our days with such speed that we fly right by the manifestations of God's grace embodied in the people around us. And, oh my, how many countless people there are, like the angels who meet monthly to build ramps for those with physical challenges. Since the Ramp Project began in October 2018, 15 ramps have been completed. Each time there are 7 or more angels who each give 4-5 hours to love others in the name of Christ. Every week angels come together to fill bags to feed 80-100 children, and even more angels give of themselves to make that food available. Angels offer the ministry of worship at Parc Place, and nurture families through the gift of food at Ronald McDonald House.

It is by the hands of angels that quilts are presented to the children being baptized and needs of others met throughout the community. The choirs of angels grace our worship services, filling the sanctuary with beauty of voice and bell. Each week the altar flowers are rearranged by angels and delivered to people for whom a fragrant reminder of our love is a welcomed symbol of God's grace. Angels adorn the altar table and prepare our communion; angels care for our children in the nursery and teach Sunday school. There are angels each Wednesday evening who corral and love the increasing number of children who come for JAM (Jesus and Me - 22 at last count) and the angels who serve in the kitchen to feed all those kids and their angel shepherds. Angels mow the lawn, clean the building, and work behind the scenes. Angels tutor; angels visit; angels send cards; angels usher, count, and file. Angels fill the seats of our committees; they are the first encounter for those who come through our doors; angels offer a caring ear, a nurturing embrace, a word of grace; angels eat together, learn together, grow together; angels give.

Angels are everywhere; angels are among us. They are us and we are them; not in the ethereal, heavenly host sense, but in the living, breathing, Christ within Us reality of being that is our power, privilege and responsibility as disciples of Jesus.

This Sunday we will worship as a body and mark the fourth and final Sunday of Advent. And on Christmas Eve we will celebrate the truth that Love came down to dwell among us and It is present still.

Love and grace to you,
Pastor Lara
aka "The Vicar"
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