It has been some time since Francisco arrived early one morning to find a significant portion of the Vastine Building flooded with water that had backed up from the disposal pipes in the kitchen. While professional water extraction began almost immediately, it was apparent that the damage to both flooring and walls was extensive. The process of working through the insurance process was not quick or easy, but thanks to the diligence of Chris Galloway the outcome was more than favorable and we were positioned to move forward on repairs.

We have also been blessed by the generosity of Roger Fisher (our neighbor two doors down on Woodson and owner of Qualtex, Inc.) who is working with the church to make the very best use of the insurance settlement. God has truly been at work in this as Garry Hamilton reached out to Randy Morgan who reached out to Roger who gave us Royce, one of his best managers to work with. As a result, we will be able to replace all of the carpeted flooring in the Vastine Building, as well as repair the damaged walls and repaint the entire facility. A professional designer was also made available to us by Qualtex, and the selections of paint and flooring will give us a fresh, current feel. Although many of us often refer to Building C as "the new building," it was actually completed in 2002 and is rapidly approaching 20 years old. When the work is completed, it will be as if we have a brand new building again!

The preschool staff has been wonderful about developing a plan for moving the children around so that work can be done in their wing also, and Sunday school classes will be receiving requests regarding how they can be helpful readying the particular spaces they utilize.

The Son City wing has been home to an amazing display of artwork painted when the Vastine Building was originally constructed by many talented people. Two generations of children have learned about God's love by moving through a rotation model in the spaces of market, lake shore, Temple, and other themed rooms. What a gift that has been! It has been quite some time since we used the workshop rotation curriculum that was widely popular in churches during the 1990s and early 2000s, and under Robin's leadership we are gearing up to roll out an exciting new program that is designed to engage both children and their parents in intentional faith formation that does not end at the close of Sunday school or when the family leaves the campus. The renovation of the Vastine Building will include repainting Son City in a manner that supports these efforts to expand our ministry with pre-k through elementary school aged children and their families. This was a decision given a great deal of consideration, and everyone from the trustees to our lay leader and pastor recognize that there will be some people for whom the loss of the biblical motif in Son City will cause grief. We acknowledge that has been a reminder of their own children's time there, the evidence of the fellowship of service that existed as it was created, or simply a treasured part of the experience of the last two decades. While many of the people who painted are no longer part of the Martin community, those who remain and are known to have been most invested have been included in the conversations and understand the need to allow our ministry with children to evolve just as our other areas of ministry have and are evolving to most effectively fulfill our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ in our present context. In the end, the trustees voted unanimously to move forward with a new expression of children's ministry, but photos and videos have been taken and they will be added to the archival album of the Vastine Building that began during its construction.

What will never change in Martin's ministry to children and families is our commitment to our core values. Those values compel us to prioritize the newest and/or youngest among us as we nurture the faith development of disciples still learning what it is to be people who live out of a faith in the Risen Lord, offering the message of God's love in fresh and engaging ways.

Work should begin in the next week or so and be completed in time for Lord's Acre. It may be a little crazy for a while, but Royce estimates it will only take a week to finish. October 19th will be here before we know it, and hundreds of friends and neighbors will come to be part of the excitement. They will not find stained or water-damaged worn carpet, marred walls and chipped door frames, but rather a light, inviting new space that we will be proud to invite them to share with us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Stan Crosser (chair of trustees), Doug Northup (lay leader), Pastor Lara, or any of the trustees.

We are blessed to serve in ministry with you!

Pastor Lara, Stan, Doug, and the Trustees of Martin UMC
CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for Soulman's lunch being served at Lord's may pick tickets up in the church office prior to the event; or at the "will call" table at the serving line! Tickets are $5 each and include a sandwich (choice of pork/beef), 2 sides(Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Ranch House Beans) and a beverage. Dessert (cobbler) will be cooked and served by our Boy Scouts - Troop 387.
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Christian love and sympathy is extended to Carolyn Moore on the death of her mother, June Insall.

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