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A young boy walked into his bedroom one day where he found it to be very dark. He walked back out and told his dad the light in his room wasn’t working. His dad, Mr. Fix-it, full of pride said “No bother”, and he grabbed his tools and a little flashlight and went to his sons bedroom.

The first thing he did was the most obvious: he changed the light-bulb. That didn’t work so he checked the breaker box – flipped all the breakers. That didn’t work so he checked the wiring at the light fixture – All checked out ok. He got out his voltmeter and saw that power was making its way into the wiring. Lightbulb-check. Breaker-check. Wiring-check.

He sat down, scratching his head because he just couldn’t figure it out. In the meantime, Mom walked in the room, flipped the light switch, causing the light to come on. She asked, “Why are y’all sitting here in the dark?” A light switch on a wall releases power to go through the light bulb, thus, illuminating everything in the room. We’re called to be the switch and illuminate the world around us.

A light bulb is no good unless you flip the switch. When a switch is turned off, there is potential, but no product. When a switch is turned on, the potential becomes powerful production. Jesus said to His disciples, “You are the light of the world.” Jesus wants His followers to light up the world! It’s your calling. So let me ask you, are you turned off or are you turned on? Is your life defined by potential without production, or are you shining light into this dark world?

So, get ready for this adventure on how we can plug into the power of God and be the switch that brings light into a very dark world. There is an infinite supply of power. God is a power supply that will never run out. It will never fade. It will never suffer a blackout. The problem is not with the source, the power is with the switch! If you are in a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are plugged into the power source. You just have to flip the switch. If your life feels tuned out and turned off, it’s time to flip the switch!
(Author Unknown)
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We extend our christian love and sympathy to: Chris & Pebble Galloway and family following the death of Merle Galloway. There will be a Memorial Service in celebration of her life on Saturday, February 8 at 2pm at Martin.

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