MAIZE unified school district 266

May 2021
Principal's Message
From the Principal

We are headed down the home stretch for the 2020-21 school year. The last day for seniors is Thursday, May 20. Maize South High’s Commencement will be at 6:30 p.m. Monday, May 24 at Hartman Arena, 8151 N. Hartman Arena Dr. in Park City. We will observe the event with safety mitigation protocols in place for the wellness of our community and with adherence to the venue’s guidelines.

Free tickets will be available through Ticket Spicket. Maize South High School will release details and further instructions on how families can secure tickets. Tickets will be made available on Monday, May 17. Families can expect to receive additional details closer to the event. Each ticket will be used to admit one person (child or adult) into the event. The ceremony will be free, and guests will not be charged to use Ticket Spicket. Guests must show their ticket at the door to gain admittance into Hartman Arena. Maize South High has been using Ticket Spicket, its related app, and its virtual tickets successfully this year for athletic events via The system uses unique access codes tied to virtual tickets.

The last day of school for grades 9-11 is Thursday, May 27. 

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I would like to thank the MSHS teaching staff for their continued efforts to provide our students with a quality experience each and every day. I appreciate their efforts, both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

The 2021 Junior/Senior Prom is Saturday, May 15 at Doc Hangar Education and Visitors Center in Wichita. The event will run from 8:00-11:00pm. After-prom will be held at MSHS from 11:00pm-3:00am. Tickets for the events went on sale last Saturday via Ticket Spicket. Thank you to all of the staff and parent volunteers for getting things ready for prom and after-prom. 

Maize South HS will be hosting the Class 5A State Tennis Tournament on Friday and Saturday, May 14 and 15. We are proud to be hosting this KSHSAA event and welcome everyone to our beautiful campus. I am thankful for the facilities we have at MSHS.

Construction will begin in the next several weeks on a new fine arts wing on the west side of MSHS. We will be getting a new band room, three new art classrooms, and a computer lab. 

Spring sports and activities are in full swing and our student athletes and coaches are representing MSHS in a positive manner. It’s awesome to get to see spring sports this year after missing the entire 2020 spring season.

After 36 years in education, I have announced my retirement. I have been in Maize for fifteen years with the past ten years serving as the principal at MSHS. I have really enjoyed the students, staff, parents, and the entire Maize community during my tenure. Although it was a difficult decision, I look forward to more time with my family which includes seven grandchildren. 

Thanks for a wonderful ten years!

Dave Hickerson
Important Information
From the Attendance Office
If you need your student released during the school day, please contact the attendance office as soon as possible so we can get a pass to them. The more advance notice we have, the easier it will be to ensure your child is able to leave on time.

Will you be moving over the summer? If your student will not be attending Maize South High School next year, please contact MSHS's registrar, Tiffany Riedel, or 316-462-8008. Thank you!
Counselor's Message
From the Counselors

Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.”  
~Paulo Coelho

For Timely Information

Important Dates:
  • May 3: AP Testing- U.S. Government, 8:00a - 12:00p, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 5: AP Testing- English Literature, 8:00a, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 7: Last day to register for the June 12th ACT (this ACT is NOT offered at MSHS), Online at
  • May 7: AP Testing- Physics, 11:30a - 3:00p, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 9: AP Testing- Chemistry, 8:00a - 12:00p, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 19: AP Testing- U.S. History, 12:00p, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 20: Seniors-Last day of School
  • May 24: Graduation Senior Breakfast @8:30-9:30, MSHS Commons
  • May 24: Graduation Practice, 10:00a - 12:00p, Hartman Arena
  • May 24: Graduation @ Hartman Arena, 6:30
  • May 24: AP Testing- Calculus, 8:00a - 12:00p, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 27: AP Testing- Biology, 12:00p, MSHS Lecture Hall
  • May 27: Last Day of School

Seniors: Good luck on your future adventures and stay in-touch.
  • Transcripts: Use for all high school classes. Use THIS LINK for information about all college classes taken during high school.
  • For college-bound students who plan to reside in the dorms: Students will need to provide a copy of their immunization records. Students can always get their immunization records from their medical providers/health clinics where they have received immunizations. If students have one single provider growing up, that's a great option. However, if students moved around or if they received immunizations at numerous locations, then school record might be their best compiled immunization record. Your records will be included in your graduation packet. If you have questions, you can contact Katy Carter at

Juniors, Sophomores & Freshmen: It is time to prepare for your next school year and life beyond high school. Goals for this summer:
  • Relax and Recharge: Enjoy some free time.  
  • Help Your Community: Volunteer your time and talents to better your community. Make sure to log your hours and reflect on the experiences. Soon you may be discussing these experiences in college essays and/or personal narratives. Additionally, if you intend on joining National Honor Society as a junior, you will need a 3.7 gpa and 20 hours of community service entering your junior year.
  • Explore Your Passions: Work towards finding a career that interests you; Career Cruising can help you get started. If you can, shadow a professional in a career field of interest. This will help as you search for the proper post-high school training.
  • (Junior Specific) College/University Search: Whether it be a technical school or a state university, make a list of three to five post-secondary institutions in which you are interested. Compare and contrast the schools and, if possible, visit a few campuses.
  • Academic Portfolio: Work on completing/updating your high school resume, volunteer log and personal statements. This will save you time and energy during the first semester of your senior year.
College & Career Center
We are excited to be able to offer events for students and parents once again. During the past month, we have traveled with students to Kansas State University and Wichita State University as well as hosting a College & Career Fair. It has been rewarding to be able to talk with your students about their post secondary options and show them schools where they can begin to realize their dreams. Below are pictures of our students during our visit to Kansas State University.
It’s never too early or too late for students to begin preparing for their future after high school. 
Below are just a few ideas for students as they make plans for summer.

  1. College Comparison charts are a great way to make sure students choose the college that best fits their needs. Samples are available in the College & Career Center and can be customized to fit specific needs
  2. Campus visits allow students to gather information from an admissions representative and receive a guided tour of campus. If a student is interested in a particular major, upon request a visit to a specific department and advisor can be scheduled.  
  3. Scholarships - it is never too early for students to begin looking for scholarships. Two useful websites are and Remember, never pay for scholarship searches.
  4. Volunteering - Summer is an opportune time for students to give back to their community and possibly gain insight on a future career. Volunteering can make a difference, as well as, build personal growth and self esteem. 
Driver's Education
USD266 Maize offers Online Driver Education each term during the school year. The online driver education program strives to prepare students to become knowledgeable and respectful of the law; to learn basic driving skills; and to develop a responsible attitude toward driving. The instructors will provide critical experience to students; involve parents in the process; and foster cooperative interaction with others in the driving environment. Students should be studying the Kansas Driver Handbook (located on the district website or and be ready to take a handbook test at the start of the course. More detailed information on Online Driver Education can be found on the district website.

Online Driver Education 2021-2022: Students & Parents/Guardian must both attend the enrollment night in order to be in Online Dr. Rd. Each term class is limited to 50 students. Enrollment packets may be picked up in the counseling office or downloaded off the district website.

  • Term 1 August 23rd- Student/Parent Enrollment Night 6:00pm (MHS Commons)

  • Term 2 October 18th- Student/Parent Enrollment Night 6:00pm (MHS Commons)

  • Term 3 January 10th- Student/Parent Enrollment Night 6:00pm (MHS Commons)

  • Term 4 March 21st- Student/Parent Enrollment Night 6:00pm (MHS Commons)

**Student and one Parent/Guardian will be required to attend the enrollment meeting. To help cut down on contact and foot traffic in the building, please do not bring siblings or friends to the meeting. Please bring your mask, enrollment packet, a writing pen, corrective eye wear (if needed), and any type of Kansas Permit/License you already have to the enrollment meeting.**
The students in Mrs. Buchanan's Teaching Internship class (an application-level course for future teachers at Maize High and Maize South High) are busy working in classrooms around Maize and Renwick schools. All Teaching Internship students started in Introduction to Education last semester and are now busy teaching mini-lessons, giving spelling tests, making bulletin boards, supervising recess, grading papers, attending field trips, and organizing art projects. They are working hard to figure out if teaching is really a job for their future. We are thankful for all our host teachers who are willing to allow them into their classroom families. Since Maize started allowing the Teach and Train pathway, nine teachers around the district have been hired back into our schools! We are growing our own teachers! 
Prom and After Prom tickets for Juniors and Seniors will be available for purchase on Ticket Spicket beginning Saturday, May 1st through Thursday, May 13th. Prom tickets are $10 per person and After Prom tickets are $10 per person. Outside guest forms are available in the office. Please see or email Mrs. Williams or Ms. Snyder for any questions you may have.
Have you purchased your yearbook yet for 2020-2021? Yearbooks can be purchased at or by phone at 1-877-767-5217. The starting price is $37.21. Payments will ONLY be accepted through Jostens this year. They were not built into enrollment. Don't miss out!
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School Year Reminders

  • Because students are not allowed to bring balloons or glass items on the bus, the Maize school district will not be accepting any flower, candy, cookie, or balloon bouquet deliveries to students.  
  • If your student is going to be tardy to school, please call the office. They are allowed three parent excused 1st block tardies per year, after that they are subject to detention.  
  • When a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the parents to call the attendance office within 24 hours to verify the reason for the absence. Please be sure to provide a doctor's note to the front office when your child has seen the doctor, dentist, etc., these visits won't count against your child's attendance. Medical notes can also be faxed to 462-8001.
  • If you need to pick up your child from school during school hours, please call the office with the time your child needs to be released. They will receive a pass ahead of time and can check themselves out at the requested time. The exception to this, is lunch time. If you wish to check your student out for lunch, a parent must come in and sign the student out. Parents are not required to sign students back in.
  • We have a "closed lunch" policy this year. Students will be expected to eat at school and no outside food may be delivered.
  • If your child is absent and will require homework, please email the teacher.
  • If your student will be absent from one of their zoom classes, please have them contact their teachers to let them know. 
  • In addition, a parent must contact the office at 462-8000 to verify the absence, even in the remote setting. This is important for record keeping purposes.

Thank you for your help with this. We appreciate it!
Important Dates
May 15: Junior/Senior Prom- 8:00-11:00 p.m., Doc Hangar Education and Visitors Center

May 20: Last Day for Seniors

May 24: Maize South High School Graduation- 6:30 p.m., Hartman Arena

May 27: End of Term 4

May 27: Last Day of School (9th-11th Grade)
2020-2021 MSHS


Assistant Principal A-G

Derek Bristol 
Assistant Principal H-O

Assistant Principal P-Z
Athletic/Activities Director
Attendance Secretary 

Kristen Scott
Sub Secretary

Cassie Tholen
Accounting/Athletics Secretary

Wende Doyle
Discipline Secretary
2020-2021 MSHS

Counselor A-G
Counselor H-O

Counselor P-Z

College and Career Advocate


Michelle Cook
Counseling Secretary
If you would like to speak with someone in the main office during the school day, you may call (316)462-8000.  


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