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Talk with the WOMEN who talk TRUTH to power!




2022 Women Designing the Future Conference

Online and on the NJIT Campus






Clean out your closet and refresh your wardrobe without spending a dime! Bring your gently used, clean clothing and accessories to THE BIG SWAP at the Murray Center’s March 25 “Making Change!” Conference in the Campus Center Ballrooms--and discover treasures to spruce up your own wardrobe. If you need to drop off your duds before the conference, stop by the Murray Center - 265 Campus Center.

WHAT’S a “SWAP”? Take a look here.




Got a beloved article of clothing that needs some TLC? Don’t throw it away! We've got the supplies and directions to help you transform your moth-eaten stuff into butterflies at our VISIBLE MENDING WORKSHOP.

WHY? The Life Cycle of a T-Shirt

WHO? An InStyle editor vows to give up fashion for a year. Here’s how it turned out.


Labour Behind the Label, Fashion Revolution, Sustain Your Style, and Clean Clothes Campaign




What’s war got to do with it? The double whammy of climate change and the Ukraine invasion threatens to seriously disrupt the global food supply and create a world-wide food crisis.


Former Jersey Girl Theresa ‘Tee’ McClenty brings her life experiences to her role as the new executive director at the Minneapolis-based climate justice nonprofit MN350. A fierce advocate for climate justice, she is committed to bringing diverse populations to the table. Check out this recent interview.


Rising concern over the health of the planet has sparked a growing number of GenZers to seek careers combating climate change and promoting climate justice. Read all about it in The Guardian.


After a campus survey at USC indicated almost two thirds of the student body listed climate change/ climate justice and sustainability as major concerns, the university launched an innovative program to include these issues across the entire curriculum. The goal: to educate USC’s 20,000 undergraduate students in how sustainability intersects with their major field of study before they receive a diploma. Very cool.


According to a recent article in Forbes, climate change/ climate justice activism - especially among the coveted GenZ market - is making major corporations and advertisers take notice. In addition to embracing sustainable practices in their own lives, this generation is using social media to draw focus to corporations promoting over- consumption. As noted by one former banking executive, “companies that fail to adapt to climate change will go bankrupt.”

Women of Color are on the frontline of the environmental justice movement, but according to a study from Green 2.0, a nonprofit that tracks diversity in the environmental movement, white-led environmental organizations are funded at nearly double the rate of those led by people of color. And then there is gender disparity - between 70 to 80 percent of philanthropic funding goes to organizations run by men.


The potential impact of climate change on the world’s food supply is raising global concern, but so is the health and safety of the men and women working in the food and farming industries. Meet Rosalina Guillen, a true force of nature who has spent the last 30+ years taking on the agri-business and advocating for farmworkers. 


Thursday, March 24

WiCS Celebrates Women’s History Month

3PM - 5PM - Campus Center Atrium



Murray Center Annual Conference


Women Designing an Environmentally Just Future

11:00AM - 2PM - Ballrooms A & B and Online via WebEx

Exciting speakers, lunch, films, workshops & excellent prizes



Saturday, March 26 - 7AM - Sunday, March 27

WiCS Girls Hackathon

Sponsored by Ying Wu College of Computing

Start: 7AM on 3/26 - Finish: 5PM on 3/27

Campus Center Atrium


Wednesday, March 30

Brown Bag Fundraiser for NJIT Women’s Scholarships

Sponsored by Committee on Women’s Leadership & the Murray Center

12:30PM -1:30PM - CKB 116

Bring your lunch and we’ll supply beverages and dessert!

Raffles. Prizes. Networking. Good Works.




Teal Tuesdays: Stop by the Murray Center for a ribbon to show your support for victims of sexual assault, and save the date for the following events:


Wednesday, April 20


Resource Fair

2:30PM - 5:00PM - Campus Center Lobby

Rally and March

6:30PM - 8:30PM - Outdoor Fire Pit/Atrium

Details TBA


Wednesday, April 27

Denim Day

Wear denim in solidarity with victims of sexual assault.

YES! there will be prizes. Details TBA.



VERIZON will be coming to campus with a special event for women students:

Being a Woman in a Male Dominated Field

Date and details TBA


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Interact with a Special Assistant to US President Joe Biden and local community activists who are changing the way we think about race, climate, and environmental justice.

What is this conference about?


The 2022 WDF conference focuses on the communities being hit first and hardest by climate change and environmental degradation—and the creative energy of women in those communities who speak environmental truth to power. Prominent speakers with hands-on understanding of the challenges faced by frontline environmental justice communities, and the resilience of those communities, will frame the conference’s message that the very people who struggle daily with environmental destruction are the best sources of the local environmental expertise and agency required for innovation and positive change.


Why should you attend?


To learn from women who have done it how ordinary people can make extraordinary change--effectively challenging the forces that are threatening their quality of life—and yours!


What can you do at the conference besides listen?


You can speak—ask questions, get support for your projects and ideas. You can watch a short but important documentary film (The Sacrifice Zone) about how leaders in Newark’s Ironbound fought to prevent surrounding factories from obtaining “permits to pollute”—resulting in groundbreaking new environmental legislation. You can learn about the tremendous impact that the clothing industry has on carbon emissions and global warming—and, if you attend in person, do something about it right away by participating in the conference’s clothing swap and “visible mending workshop.” You can also visit the conference’s environment-themed VR/AR arcade, have lunch, and enter a raffle for hi-tech prizes. [If you attend online via WebEx, we can’t give you lunch, but you will still get a raffle ticket!]


LIBBY WASHBURN, Special Assistant to President Biden for Native Affairs.

A citizen of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, Washburn has championed efforts to ensure that indigenous traditional ecological knowledge shapes federal environmental policymaking. Washburn previously worked in the Obama-Biden Administration at the U.S. Department of the Interior. She served as State Director and Legislative Counsel for US Senator Jeff Bingaman and has practiced Native American law for the federal government and in private practice. Prior to joining the Biden-Harris Administration, Washburn served in senior leadership roles at New Mexico State University and the University of New Mexico, focusing on building compliance structures and strengthening ethics requirements and Title IX processes.  

LUCIA RODRIGUEZ-FREIRE, Assistant Professor in NJIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Laboratory of Applied Biogeochemistry for Environmental Sustainability. An NJIT environmental engineer, Rodriguez-Freire has worked with the Newark community on lead contamination of drinking water and with indigenous communities in the Four Corners region of the US Southwest to find innovative ways of restoring the natural equilibrium of sites affected by the toxic legacy of hard-rock mining.

ANA BAPTISTA, an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management graduate program at the Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment. She also serves as the Co-Director of the Tishman Environment & Design Center (TEDC) at The New School. Dr. Baptista was born and raised in the Ironbound neighborhood and has been on the frontlines of the environmental struggle her entire life. She previously served as the Environmental Justice and Planning Director of the Ironbound Community Corporation where she is currently a Board Member.

ERIN FOODY, an NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College senior majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and president of the NJIT Green student club.


KIM GADDY, the National Environmental Justice Director for Clean Water Action, responsible for developing and implementing grassroots environmental justice campaigns and coalition building efforts nationally and in New Jersey. She is a former Newark School Board Member, New York/New Jersey Regional Representative for the Moving Forward Network, Port Commissioner for the City of Newark, Vice-Chair of the NJDEP's Environmental Justice Advisory Council, former Chair of both the Newark Environmental Commission and the Essex County Environmental Commission, a founding member of the New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance and New Jersey President of the International Black Women's Congress.

Christian Rodriquez1 crop  USE.jpg

CHRISTIAN RODRIGUEZ, a community organizer with the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) and Community Farm Manager of Down Bottom Farms, a project of ICC. Christian and her team produce programs to mobilize the community through food justice, healthy gardening, farming, and land appreciation under the umbrella of Just Transition and Jemez Principles of organizing. Tying urban farm work with organizing, they also advocate for the right to breathe clean air, access to clean water, healthy food, and safer housing.

041112_JulieHeadShots_096_small USE.jpg

JULIE WINOKUR is the Director of The Sacrifice Zone and Executive Director of Talking Eyes Media, a nonprofit company that produces media that advocates for positive social change. The Sacrifice Zone emerged from a multimedia storytelling project called Newest Americans that for the past six years has been examining immigration and identity in Newark, N.J. Winokur’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Time, National Geographic and The Atlantic.



The conference includes a screening of Julie Winokur’s 2020 documentary film The Sacrifice Zone which features conference speakers Ana Baptista and Christian Rodriguez. Synopsis: The Ironbound district in Newark, NJ, is one of the most toxic neighborhoods in America. Maria López-Nuñez and her colleagues at the Ironbound Community Corporation are waging a war for environmental justice, fighting to prevent surrounding factories from obtaining “permits to pollute.” Working in collaboration with her community and local politicians for the right to breathe clean air, their efforts pay off in a groundbreaking new law to protect the state’s most vulnerable communities from polluters. The Sacrifice Zone gives an inside look into how a communities-led organization can change the law. 





The NJIT Chapter of the American Council on Education’s Network for Women in Higher Education (ACE-Network) will present a scholarship to a full-time or part-time undergraduate female student with a GPA of 2.75 or higher, who has attained at least 58 credits, of which 24 are from NJIT, (as of the end of the Fall 2021 semester) and who will be taking courses at NJIT for at least two more semesters. The ACE-Network scholarship is designed to help women students in pursuing their professional education and in developing leadership skills.

Note: Fully funded candidates may not be eligible to receive scholarship.

Application deadline:

11:59PM on Sunday, April 3, 2021

Click HERE

for ACE-NET application



 In memory of Anne Wiley (former Murray Center Co-director & Assistant to the Dean for the College of Science & Liberal Arts) the Anne Wiley Scholarship was established in 2003. First awarded in 2005, this scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to an NJIT undergraduate woman student. NJIT women in all majors can be nominated for the Anne Wiley Scholarship as long as they are a full-time, undergraduate female student, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Note: Fully funded candidates may not be eligible to receive scholarship.

Application deadline:

11:59PM on Sunday, April 3, 2022

Click HERE 

for Wiley application


Dr. Constance A. Murray, a dedicated educator and humanitarian, served as NJIT's Dean of Student Services from 1978 until her death in 1994. This scholarship was created to provide financial assistance to a female graduate student who has demonstrated academic achievement and has a special commitment to diversity. Applicant must be a graduate student with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, must have taken at least 12 credits of graduate work at NJIT (by the end of the Fall 2021 semester), and should demonstrate a need for financial assistance. 

Note: Fully funded candidates may not be eligible to receive the scholarship

Application and letters of recommendation must be received by

11:59PM on Sunday, April 3, 2022

Click HERE for Murray application

Looking for a summer REU opportunity? The National Science Foundation's website is an excellent source of information. Click here for more information.


Need help figuring out how to finance your undergraduate or graduate degree? New Jersey's Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) is a valuable source of information about financial assistance for college students and their families. Click here for more information.