Prepare your business with the new toolkits and videos from Ready Business . Organizations and their staff face a variety of hazards. The Ready Business program helps organizations plan for these hazards and includes these hazard-specific toolkits: Hurricane, Inland Flooding, Power Outage, and Severe Wind/Tornado.
Terrebonne Parish Re-Entry Program
After a mandatory evacuation, some business representatives and selected employees may be allowed to return to the parish before residents to provide public safety resources and essential services.

Businesses may apply to receive early access re-entry placards for its essential employees by registering through the re-entry website . Re-Entry status expires annually on the first of each year. Businesses who were previously approved are required to log in and update their list of entrants and resubmit a Certificate of Authority.

In the event a mandatory evacuation is ordered, approved entrants will receive re-entry placards to allow them access back into the parish at their approved tier level. Please call TOHSEP for information on registering your business for re-entry.
Hazardous Materials Training for local Fire Depts
Members of the Terrebonne Parish Rapid Assessment Team ( PRAT) performed Hazardous Materials Training for the Bourg, Little Caillou, and Montegut Volunteer Fire Departments. The Terrebonne Parish Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle was dispatched to Montegut and members of the three fire departments received training on the equipment that this vehicle responds with and the capabilities of the PRAT. Training consisted of: Radiological equipment, Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) – Level A, Level B, and Level C chemical suits, Color Metric Tubes and chemical detectors such as the “First Defender” and the “True Defender”, Plugging and patching kits, Mobile Weather Station, Combustible Gas Indicators (CGI) and Decontamination. First responder organizations that would like training on the capabilities of Terrebonne PRAT and their hazardous materials response abilities please notify TOHSEP.
Did you know that Terrebonne Parish is susceptible to tsunamis?
The gulf coast, including Terrebonne Parish, is naturally protected by the ring of land made up of the Caribbean islands, the Florida Panhandle and Mexico from tsunamis that are generated by earthquakes originating from outside of the Gulf of Mexico.

However, once every 1000 to 5000 years, there is a tsunami that originates near the mouth of the Mississippi River that impacts every landmass bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The tsunami occurs because the Mississippi River forms a mountain of sediment where it empties into the Gulf that builds and builds until there is an underwater landslide. This landslide causes tsunami waves to impact Terrebonne Parish that are between 10 to 13 feet tall at the coastline.

As a result, TOHSEP has created a tsunami response plan and has applied to NOAA to become “Tsunami Ready.” Please email oep@tpc to learn more about how you can prepare for tsunamis.
Monthly Safety & Preparedness Tip
M ardi G ras is an exciting time of year for the residents of Terrebonne Parish. Unfortunately unoccupied homes and parked automobiles are tempting targets for burglars, especially during parade time. Take measures to secure personal property by locking doors and windows to homes and automobiles. Personal property should not be left in unattended vehicles. | | (985) 873-6357