The Terrebonne Parish Rapid Assessment Team (PRAT) recently conducted training to stop a gas release from a 1-ton chlorine or sulfur dioxide cylinder.  These cylinders are 6 feet in length and contain 2000 pounds of liquid chemicals that, when accidently released from the cylinder, becomes a gas when exposed to air. The team trains for releases from these cylinders due to their usage at the Terrebonne Parish Pollution Control Division and the Terrebonne Consolidated Water Works District water plants.  The team has two Indian Springs Emergency B Kits which are designed to stop a release from any of the valves, fusible links or from a puncture of the side wall of the cylinder. The PRAT has a training device consisting of the “head” portion of a 1-ton cylinder which allows the hazmat technicians to exercise on a replica of a real cylinder. After the practical exercise the team conducted a brief after action review (AAR) to discuss how to apply the kits quickly and accurately. The team also reviewed facility response plans for Terrebonne Parish facilities that utilize 1-ton cylinders.