What do families need most right now?
There are a lot of answers to that question. So many that it makes your head spin. In the midst of all this advice, the voice of religion can sound a bit odd. Here’s its answer: “In times of trouble, be extra sure to keep the Sabbath.” In other words, “Be sure to set aside time and a space for worship, rest and connection.”Simply put, that’s what this resource, "Sabbath Space" is all about. We want to help families carve out “sabbath space” in their homes and weekly schedules.

But what does that look like when we’re cut off from our church building? “Well,” says the voice of
religion with a smile, “Who says you can’t build a space for the sacred in your home?” So, what might your Unitarian Universalist home altar look like? Well that’s what we are going to
discover and create together. Five weeks of Sabbath Space materials includes instructions for adding a new piece to your home altar,
a family worship service to celebrate that addition and some “after worship activities” to help your
family lean into Sabbath rest and connection together. And here’s the super cool thing: Other UU families from across the country will be doing this too! If you build a home altar, please send a photo of it to minister@nuuc.org for a collection we will display in worship.