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September 8 - Rally Day
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September 13 - Book Club Meets

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From The Reverend Barbara A.T. Wilson
“I have a feeling that my boat has struck, down there in the depths, against a great thing. And nothing happens!
                        Nothing . . . Silence . . . Waves . . . .
 Nothing? Or has everything happened, and we are standing
                                          now, quietly, in the new life?"     
                                                                                                                      Juan Ramone Jimenez
Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
         This small poem has long been a favorite of mine.  It speaks to me of realities of which we know only a little and only by God’s infinite grace. Essentially, it speaks to me of resurrection life, including those smaller almost imperceptible resurrections which are just part of the continuation of our lives lived daily in Christ.  Sometimes those “resurrections” are immense but we still want more. More proof or evidence, something tangible and more than a “feeling.” “I feel that my boat has struck, down there in the depths, against a great thing . And nothing happens!”

    This makes me think of our Pond Comets, our slightly fancy goldfish with long-wavy fins, which we brought with us in January. They sloshed along in plastic containers in the car from Michigan to Illinois to DeKalb. They overwintered in a farm water trough (kindly set up by Marv) and managed through the great Polar Vortex of February 2019.  To help them along, I was advised to add some kind of greens to the water, so I added a little timothy hay, which darkened the water considerably and inadvertently might have compromised the available oxygen. As spring and summer arrived, we kept shade over the water to try to keep the temperature down, so it remained pretty dark in there and too warm. It was a hard journey for them. Until just about a month ago.

    That’s when the rectory pond was dug, plumbed and filled with sunlight-laced water into which the fish found themselves, suddenly. 

    “Nothing . . . Silence . . . Waves . . . .Nothing?”

    At first they were very timid and in need of a protected place in which to hide.  We remembered we had a set of shed moose antlers and put them in where the fish could “stand” as it were, safely---whether they knew it or not, “quietly, in the new life.” 

    We can’t know if the fish are glad or grateful for their new life, but Lynne and I certainly are! Many thanks to you all for sharing with us in the expense of putting in the pond, and thanks, too, to Jennie’s Cummings brother, Jeff Marshall, of JJMarshall Landscaping for his careful work on the pond. The fish may or may not be aware, but we are. Both here and now and throughout God’s time, “everything has happened, and we are standing” even now “. . . in the new life” through the Resurrection.  Thanks be to God.
   Faithfully, Barbara+
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
9:15 AM
Beginning on Sunday, September 8th, Adult Formation will again focus upon the Bible, with a five part series on a book by Pete Enns, "The Bible Tells Me So . . . Why defending scripture has made us unable to read it." The format will be comprised of a video presentation by Pete Enns combined with group discussion, led by the Rev. Barbara A.T. Wilson. It will be necessary for participants to read the book as we go along.
Kids Hope USA Summer Party – The mentors, prayer partners, and scholarship providers for this ministry hosted a party for the students on Saturday, July 13 th , with food, fun, and games for all. Thanks to all who brought dishes to pass and helped with welcoming kids, parents, and siblings. 

Kids Hope USA mentors will start meeting with their mentees the first Wednesday in October. We have 8 mentors who will be serving 8 students at Lincoln Elementary School in DeKalb. Each mentor needs a prayer partner and a scholarship provider. It is our hope that our prayer partners from the previous school year will continue, but more are always welcome. After all, you can never have enough prayers! Scholarship providers donate $15 per month or a donation of $180 for the year. This helps support the materials and training offered to the volunteers and their mentees. If you would like to be involved, please contact Pam Kombrink at 815-776-0102, , or talk to me at church. Thank you. 
We had a vestry meeting on August 18th, and it was well attended. The Executive Committee met on 8/16.

Our furnace service provider checked out the equipment in the church and community center. They also went by the rectory and checked out that system.

Building and grounds issues to be addressed, or that have been addressed are as follows:
·       Replaced the globe lights bulbs around the property have been changed so that they all are the same. Thanks, Rick and Rhyss.
·     There is a missing light globe near the entrance to the kitchen. We have extra globes, but it appears whoever took the globe also took the fixture and bracket. Rhyss is working on this.
·     The area around the playset and other beds around the church are overgrown with weeds. We are exploring alternative measures to using Roundup before mulching these areas.
·     We also plan on having the landscape maintained so it doesn’t get overgrown again.

We have formed a committee to review the bylaws. Any changes will be approved at our annual meeting.

It is time to begin a discussion on vestry members for 2020. If anyone would like to be considered to serve on the vestry, please contact Mother Barbara, Maureen or me.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

Marv Kombrink
From the Treasurer
A report covering the finances of the summer months will be available on our website. Meanwhile, please remember to fill out expense reimbursement forms (next to the name tag board) and turn them in to the Treasurer's mailbox.

Pat Brown
September Music Notes
The Choirs Are Back!
Come join our multi-generational programs!

All ages and musical abilities are welcome to sing, play an instrument, dance, recite, share in fellowship, improvise, and share in worship! 

Yes, the Choirs are Back!

Rehearsals Resume
Thursday, September 5th.
Children’s Choir 6:00-6:30 PM and Adult/Youth Choir 7:00-8:30 PM. 

Sunday Worship Services
with the Choirs Resume
Sunday, September 8, 10:30 AM. Choir warm-up and anthem rehearsal are (after formation) at 10:15 AM.

The Garden continues a slow recovery from a difficult spring and summer season. Over half the beds have been cleared because of bug infestations. Our plants were vulnerable after being weakened by first too much and then too little water. Our cucumbers and winter squash
are looking as though the squash bugs will also finish them off before too long. We may need to take next year off from squash entirely! Meanwhile, pulled crops are on the burn pile.

However, we so have some hope. A late crop of green beans might still
produce a crop. Beets, spinach, lettuce, kale, and collards have been
replanted for fall. The tomatoes are finally turning colors. Sweet and hot peppers are slow but producing some fruit. We've pruned back the bush broccoli hoping it might grow back with nicer "blooms."

We haven't had much to give our food pantries this season but they are
still so appreciative and warm when we do that it keeps our chins up
and hands in the dirt!
Heidi Haverkamp
All St. Paul’s Readers.  

Book.  Our book club begins its fall season with a new book,  The Changing Face of God . It’s a short book, but don’t let that frighten you. It’s also a challenging book, perhaps even provocative. Find it on Amazon. Find intelligent and, sometimes, provocative conversation among readers.

Date and Time.  We’re meeting on Friday, September 13th (we know, we know) at 5:00 pm. There will be some snacks, but if you want to brown bag it for yourself, that will be fine.

Place.  We’re gathering at the home of Marilyn Cleland, 518 S. 2nd St., DeKalb. Please let us know if you’re coming via email,
 See you then.
Just a reminder to look at the sign-up sheet in Parish Hall. Several fall events need someone to assume leadership. Remember, this means coordinate the needs of the event, not do it all yourself. If you would like more information on a particular event and what is entailed, please see one of us. 

Our late summer events were well attended. About 34 at our indoor picnic, and 34 at the Beloved Community dinner (16 from St. Paul’s!). Plenty of parishioners signed up to help with these events, which makes everything go smoothly. Thank you!

Peg N. & Jennie C.
The Search and Nomination Committee to select the 13th Bishop of Chicago is holding listening sessions throughout the diocese.

St. Peter's in Sycamore, 218 Somonauk St., will host a session on Saturday, September 7th from 1:00-2:30 PM. 
St. Paul's has been the site of three DeKalb Tenants Association meetings in the last three months. Jacob Maas has been instrumental in supporting tenants and organizing these meetings to help give a voice to those who may not be heard by themselves.

In an article in the DeKalb Daily Chronicle he says,, “People can go to small claims court, but most people aren’t trained on how to do that. So we need better tenant education in this community, and we need better enforcement mechanisms that tenants who are facing abuse can use to try to hold those people that are afflicting that upon them accountable.”

An Echo of the Past in the Future
 September 14 
 St. Lawrence 
Episcopal Church
Libertyville, IL
Everyone who is interested in the work of the altar guild and the history of the church is invited to attend the conference.  Membership in an altar guild is not required.
The annual  Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Altar Guild Conference  will be held September 14 at St. Lawrence, Libertyville. Presentations will address women in the bible; the history of church music; icons; and will include a spiritual craft project. The conference  fe e of $25 includes lunch, and registration is available at the door. Please visit the  ECW website  for more information.

The Episcopal Church Women-sponsored fall retreat,  God's Healing Leads to Wholeness , will be held from October 11 to 13 at the  Portiuncula Center for Prayer  in Frankfort, Illinois. Colleen Willard is the speaker at the retreat, which will also include healing services, a movement workshop, and time with chaplains. All women of the Diocese of Chicago and their guests of all faiths are invited to attend. Learn mor e on the  ECW website.
Donations for the Salvation Army Food Pantry for August were 33 food/personal items, 195 diapers, for a year to date total of 5325 items. Food Pantry Collection Sunday will be September 8, but you can bring items throughout the month.
The Rector's Discretionary Fund collection is the first Sunday of the month, September 1st.
Friends of the ministry:

Love In the Name of Christ is a local impacting organization that helps address the needs of those in poverty and building relationships with them.   It is our desire to see them out of poverty by providing encouragement, hope, and items in need as well as follow up between them and the churches that help meet their basic living need.  We have 28 areas of help that allows us to do our mission.  Our volunteers encourage those that are struggling as some of them walk through life with them.   We use items like furniture, beds, tables, lamps, bikes, and food to help them in their time of struggle.  As we are meeting those physical we can also meet the emotional and pshycological needs at the same time. 
The impact this year has been fantastic.  Over 250 people have called the office seeking assistance in various ways.   These individuals have been referred to us by agencies, churches, and schools.   These households have totaled to 806 people that have been assisted.  Our Christian based organization and volunteers are giving of great time to help and connect to those in need.  As our core value shares,  “We value transformation in the lives of people and our community.”   Love INC is functioning in our community six days a week on very limited funds, and we need your help in this area. 

Help that will allow us to provide effective and safe help for clients like Sally and her kids transitioning into a new safe place to live.  It helps us help those in need of food to direct them to the proper place.   We are currently helping some that have been victims of fires on the west side of DeKalb and Sycamore as they secure their new place and in need of household goods.  This year over 65 people classified as homeless have been connected to Love INC to help with genuine needs, and we have had the privilege of seeing changes in their life as they are in their new place and we can help make it home for them.  Numerous volunteers are connecting with these kind of situations coordinated through Love INC and providing encouragement and hope.   Genuine love is shared and Jesus introduced to many.  

Your financial gifts to Love INC is vital to us at this time. 
Can you help with a generous gift during this mail-a-thon fundraiser?  Our goal is to reach $7,500 to help us in this work by the end of September.  

We need you to be part of our valuable team in reaching those in need here in our communities. Can you help? You may mail in your gift at 
PO Box 172 Sycamore, Il. 60178 or link to Donate Now .  
As I am tasked with keeping the parish calendar and with communicating about events and programs and plans to both the parish and to the community at large, it is very helpful to me if you let me know about events you want to schedule.

It is also very important if you need to change a date or time or cancel an event if you let me know as soon as you know so the correct information can be transmitted. I can write announcements and create posters for you (though many of you are quite talented at creating announcements yourselves). I am happy to use what you send me as is or help you fashion something.

I do often work several weeks or months ahead for events, so it's really advantageous for me to be in the loop when plans are afoot.

Thank you so much,
Activities & Events

9/1    8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services 
9:30 AM KHUSA Meeting
9/5    6:00 PM Children's Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Adult/Youth Choir Rehearsal
9/7 1:30 PM Listening Session
9/8    8:00 AM Service (No Music)
         9:00 AM Adult Formation
9:30 AM Children's Sunday School
 1 0:30 AM Service (Choir Returns)
9/12 6:00 PM Children's Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Adult/Youth Choir Rehearsal
9/13 .5:00 PM Book Club Meeting
9/15 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services 
9:00 AM Adult Formation 
9:30 AM Children's Sunday School        
       11:45 AM Vestry Meeting
9/19 6:00 PM Children's Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Adult/Youth Choir Rehearsal
9/22  8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
9:00 AM Adult Formation
9:30 AM Children's Sunday School
9/24 .6:00 PM DeKalb Tenants Meeting
9/26 6:00 PM Children's Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Adult/Youth Choir Rehearsal
9/29 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM Sunday Services 
9:00 AM Adult Formation
9:30 AM Children's Sunday School
10:30 AM Healing Service


September Birthdays and Anniversaries

September Birthdays

9/7                Bill Cummings
9/7                Peggy Russell
9/15              Brenda Leonard
9/15              Robert Russell
9/17 Olivia Meyers
9/18              Lorraine Langer
9/24              Elizabeth George
9/25              Pat Brown
9/26              Adam Frieberg
9/26              Peggy Newby
9/27              Jamie Stubblefield
9/28              Vince McMahon
9/29              Jennie Cummings

September Anniversaries

9/4 .          Bill and Jennie
9/11           Jamie and Julie
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Contact Information
900 Normal Rd., DeKalb, IL 60115 
Parish Office: (815) 756-4888 
The Rev. Barbara A.T Wilson, Rector