October 2020
"Courage is not the absence of fear...
but the strength to do what is right in the face of it."
Taken from How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
By Leslie Ahmadi

Make Your Training Relevant To The National Conversation
And It Will Be Relevant to the OCWTP

Dear Trainers:

What does that statement mean? It means that as of the summer quarter of 2020, the OCWTP has been more intentional about addressing racial justice along with diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work--by reflecting these elements in all our trainings and operations. 

OCWTP staff (i.e., RTC directors, RTC coordinators, and IHS staff) are therefore especially on the lookout for training content that addresses issues of racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in a relevant, thoughtful, and meaningful manner, regardless of topic (e.g., family engagement, interviewing skills, child discipline practices, etc.) 

If you want to make your training relevant to our training program—and more importantly, among the most vulnerable children and families your trainees will serve—you will most likely need to update parts of your training to make them applicable to the national discussion about racial equity and social equity, especially as they relate to your training topics.

So, what are some ways you as a trainer can update your training effectively? For starters, here are four things to consider:

I haven’t had much time this quarter to explore books. Instead, I have taken the opportunity to explore podcasts, webinars, e-books and websites. Here are a few of my favorites:
How To Engage Learners

In this brief 16-minute podcast, Cara North “talks about the three legged stool of engagement and why it is important not to put all of your weight on one leg, why content will always rule, and provides a few tips and tricks to engaging learners.
Trainer Guides for Zoom and GoToTraining 

These two guides are truly amazing! They provide pictures, tips, tricks, explanations, etc. Take the time to explore both so you will be comfortable training on either platform.

Introducing the
Design Lab
The Design Lab is a resource put together by the IHS Distance Learning Team in collaboration with Trainer Development to support you in making the best design choices possible so your course will be the most effective for your learners.
This month, the focus is on stock imagery. Click to learn more!
The Design Lab will be updated and circulated periodically with new resources and best practices. Topics will include development, visual design, engagement, and facilitation.
For each Common Ground Issue, the OCWTP is asking a randomly selected Trainer to answer questions about him/herself in order to "Get to Know You Better." Take a look, you may find you have some "Common Ground."  
Getting to Know Megan Wendling
Favorite Food
Pizza & wings  
Favorite Restaurant
Pizza Hut!
Favorite Movie
Hocus Pocus! 
Favorite TV Show
The Good Place (Netflix)
Favorite TV show to binge-watch
All of them! Everything on Netflix is binge-watched, if it is on tv, I like to record and binge-watch!
Ideal Travel Spot
Any beach - there is something to do everyday with the kids
Favorite Fun Thing to Do
I love to take the kids to a park for a picnic and then ride bikes on a trail
What do you enjoy most about training? Meeting new people and learning about their personal journeys 
Most memorable training experience?
After hosting a CPR training, having a student call me and say that they saved their toddler daughter when she started choking. We hear a lot of first aid success stories during CPR/FA courses. 
What one positive thing has come out of this Pandemic for you?
I am thankful for the opportunity to adapt and expand my experience as a trainer to offer virtual trainings as well as seeing so many more foster parents enjoy the availability of the virtual training platform. I am also very thankful I have been able to spend more time with my family and kids!


The OCWTP Virtual Trainer Conference will be held Monday, April 12, 2021.

Details coming soon!

Director of Jefferson County Department of Job and Family Services and OCWTP Trainer Michelle Santin, received kudos from Jefferson County Commissioner Joseph Colabella this month for improving communications and moving things in the right direction between the Jefferson County’s Juvenile Court and the Department. 

For more than 15 years, Julius Jackson has been an integral team member at Adoption Network Cleveland. In his current role, Julius helps prospective, adoptive, kinship, and foster parents, before, during, and after their adoption process. Read more

NEORTC would like to congratulate one of their OCWTP trainers, Sarah Shendy, who was recently named to lead the newly created State of Ohio's Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment. Sarah currently trains Middle Eastern Families: Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions. NEORTC is so proud of her and believes she is a phenomenal choice for this position. Read the full announcement. 

IHS Welcomes Mallori Steele
Mallori Steele is an Instructional Designer and e-Learning Developer. Before joining IHS, Mallori’s company, Growductive Consulting, designed and developed training solutions for Corporations and NGOs. Mallori has a passion for racial equity and equality and loves supporting female entrepreneurs and women in tech.

Originally from Northern California, Mallori loves to travel, having visited 30 countries and counting! She and her husband relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2009, where their first son Levi was born. They moved to Hong Kong in 2015, where their second son, Malachi was born, and moved to Ankara, Turkey in 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, Mallori’s family recently repatriated back to the United States in April of 2020, now residing full-time in Columbus, OH.

When Mallori isn't working, you can find her with her hubby taking a leisurely drive, or playing a competitive game of chess with their 9-year-old, or reading the classic One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish with their 3-year old.

Connect with Mallori on LinkedIn. If you or someone you know is a Black Instructional Designer, e-Learning Developer, or UX/UI Designer, join Mallori's Facebook group for a safe space to share experiences, seek advice, network, and get support!

Ben Hannah has accepted an offer to work for UC Physicians in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience. His last day at SWORTC will be November 1st.  Ben wanted to share that he will miss working for the program and all of the people he has met along the way. Ben has decided that he wants to spend more time working with patients who suffer from mental illness, which has been something he’s done part-time for nearly 20 years.
In Remembrance
The OCWTP sends condolences to the family of Janice Morabeto who passed away on October 22, 2020 from a long battle with lung disease. Janice trained for the OCWTP for over 25 years and received the Linda Pope Award in 2019. 

Janice received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The Ohio State University in 1982 and a Master of Education in Agency and Community Counseling from Xavier University in 1985.

She was President and C.E.O. of Morabeto Mind Legacy Associates Inc., where she provided professional development services for social workers, counselors and education professionals in the fields of child protective services, human services, education, school social work and community mental health. 

She worked as an outpatient, inpatient, and residential therapist, clinical director, and treatment manager for both psychiatric and drug and alcohol programs. She was also a program consultant for Mental Health America of Franklin County, Professor at Ashland University, and held certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Hypnotherapy.

Family and friends are invited to attend a memorial service on November 11 from 5:00-7:00pm at the Snyder Funeral Home in Delaware, Ohio with the funeral held on November 12 at 10:00am at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, also in Delaware, Ohio. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the National Alliance on Mental Illness or Catholic Social Services.
The OCWTP sends condolences to the family of Karen Ezirim, who passed away on October 26, 2020. Karen joined OFCA in 2000 and helped us understand the importance of having the primary parent's voice acknowledged in Ohio to ensure policies and practices created in our Child Welfare System remain strong and follow best practice. She began training Building Supports with the Primary Parent in April of 2019 for the OCWTP.

Karen's voice has been heard by many and she had a gift for helping us realize that we must work toward ending those practices that separate children from their families while solidifying the path for family healing. She would say that this can happen before children come into care, while they are in care, and for the years after they return home.

One of Karen's many contributions was her willingness to share her struggles as a single mother of children who were caught in the child welfare system through foster care, adoption and kinship care. In this role she participated in setting up OFCA's Succeed Program and shared her story in many presentations. Her other affiliations included the Ohio Primary Parent Advisory Counsel, Family as Faculty at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Parenting Pathways, and the HOPE Program (Helping Ohio Parent Effectively).

Her mission was to share her story of hope and healing to educate and encourage others to reach out and embrace those who are broken and to help them heal. As a motivational speaker, trainer, life coach and mentor, Karen inspired a wide range of professionals and families. She survived and thrived despite her traumatic past. It was her heart’s desire that her story of hope and healing would touch people’s hearts and motivate them to be an active part of the village that it takes to raise a family.

This past weekend she celebrated her youngest child reaching 18 years of age. A long journey done well.

Family and friends are invited to attend a memorial service on November 4 at 1pm it will be held at the Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service 720 E. Long Street, Columbus, OH 43203.

A fund raiser organized by Karen Ezirim's daughter in hopes of raising money to cover the funeral expenses. Please donate by clicking below.

"excerpts taken from the OFCA and PCSAO websites"