Imagine a new type of non-profit invested in increasing community health & well-being through acts of kindness. That is what co-founders Julie Ann Gullickson and William Gregory decided to establish in February 2020.
Julie has over 20 years in corporate healthcare leadership experience. She also has two other LLC’s Jaguar’s Holdings and Optimal Potential Thinking. William has expertise in engineering and investment banking. They wanted to do something more philanthropic while utilizing their people leadership skills for the Greater good, so they created Kindness Bank.

Wanting to facilitate and foster health, Kindness Bank, brings the best practices to meet the needs of customers and the service providers, bridging the gap between theory and practice. 2020 has certainly brought mental health, financial and job stressors to the forefront, and it is time to pivot and change the mindset to self-care, filter and focus on connections to create a community support system – a kindness conduit, where little things can make a big difference. Be in the Exchange, a resource directory where you can bring your superpower to make a difference! Invest in improving health and well-being through acts of kindness! The cornerstone of Kindness Bank is to treat each other with selfless compassion and good communication in a collaborative supportive environment.

You can contact Julie Ann Gullickson at, to learn more about Kindness Bank and the Exchange.
More news to come about an event Kindness Bank will host in July 2021.