| May 2018
May 2018 Newsletter
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MAY Speaker
Mr. Rick Sepler, Director of Planning for the City of Bellingham. May 8, 2018 at the Birchwood Presbyterian Church. Please come and hear an informative presentation given by Mr. Sepler who oversees all building plans and permits in the city. We look forward to hearing how Bellingham will deal with the large number of housing and commercial units apparently set for the north end. A Q&A session will give you a chance to ask your questions and express your concerns about big changes coming to Cordata and surrounding environs.
Our New Cordata Community Garden Storage Shed
New Cordata Community Garden Storage Shed
When our community garden team needed a new storage shed we turned to Darcy Jones of Jones Engineering and Caitac. Darcy suggested we apply for a grant from the Building Industry Association (BIA) . Chris Calverley, a long time gardener submitted a grant application. It was approved . Then, BIA sent volunteer builders and material to erect the shed. Alice Bell and he entire set of gardeners send our thanks to Darcy Jones, the BIA and our own Chris Calverley!  

Volunteer Opportunity

Our Cordata Community Garden needs a new Garden Coordinator, 4-6 hours per week through the growing season (until Oct. 31). The volunteer will have a 4'x16' garden bed at no charge. The Volunteer Coordinator will work with gardeners to schedule the work that needs to be done and to generally oversee work parties, tools and supplies. Alice Bell and the garden committee will be on hand to train and help the volunteer coordinator. If you are interested, please call Alice Bell at (360) 220-8955. You will be glad you joined us.

A Report from Carol Dukes

In an effort to encourage further participation in our CNA from Cordata HOAs, the Board has sent out information to our neighborhood HOA Boards. The Festival Condo HOA has expressed interest in receiving our newsletter and encouraging resident participation. The Board Secretary noted that there has been recent concern regarding several car break-ins in their neighborhood; she was referred to Dante Alexander, our community policeman, to insure further follow-up. Working with each other, we are able to share information and resources to continue to make our neighborhood one that we love and care about. If you are an HOA member and would like to have monthly updates about what is happening in our neighborhood, please contact us at…………  We would like to hear from you.

City of Bellingham-Department Heads
Who to Contact

City Hall, Mayor Kelli Linville: (360) 778-8000, Email [email protected]

Parks and Recreation Department: Leslie Bryson, Director. Email [email protected], (360) 778-7665

Planning and Community Development Department: Rick Sepler, Director, Email [email protected] (360) 778-8300

Police Department: Cordata Neighborhood Officer: Dante Alexander, Email [email protected], (360) 778-8639

Bellingham Public Library: Nancy Kerr, Library Director, Email [email protected] (360) 778-7221

For all other COB Department Heads go to www.cob.org/contacts. This is the City of Bellingham web site. 

A  Message from Marisa Ellis, WCC Director for Communications and Marketing, and CNA Board Member

WCC’s spring Community & Continuing Education classes are in full swing!
Gardens are blooming, the temperature outside has slowly started to climb, and days will begin to turn from mostly grey to primarily blue. Much like the changing season, WCC’s Community & Continuing Education spring classes are in full swing. Start planning your summer adventures, discover tantalizing spring cooking classes, learn more about an extraordinary Walla Walla Wine Tour, and more! Register at http://whatcom.edu/communityed .

The Cordata Neighborhood Association is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. This newsletter and other association activities are funded primarily from membership dues which are $10 a year per residence. We also gladly accept donations which, like the membership dues, are tax deductible. We encourage your participation and support.
Board of Directors: Julie Guy, Ralph Myers, Mike Brunt, Carol Dukes, Bev Jacobs, Marisa Ellis, Pat Lynam