| May 2018
June 2018 Newsletter
  • Interested in what's going on in our Cordata Neighborhood? You can find out more by receiving the Cordata Neighborhood Association's Newsletter, and also by attending the monthly neighborhood meetings held the second Tuesday during the months of September through the following June.
JUNE Speaker

Our next meeting is on June 12, 2018 at the Birchwood Presbyterian Church, located at the end of Meadowbrook. Our speaker is Rob Fix, Director of Operations, Port of Bellingham. His responsibility includes the waterfront and the airport. He will discuss the progress at the waterfront and tell us about future plans for the airport. The Port of Bellingham has many living wage jobs and is landlord to many successful water related businesses. Bring your questions.                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Rob Fix
Please note: April Barker is our City Council person for our Ward 1. She welcomes your comments or questions regarding the Cordata Neighborhood and the City of Bellingham. You can contact her at lbarker@cob.org or at April4ellingham@gmail.com.
Our New Cordata Community Garden Storage Shed, Freshly Painted
Cordata Community
Phyllis Smith working in her garden on May 29, 2018.
Photos taken by Ralph Myers

Our Cordata Community Garden needs a new Garden Coordinator, 4-6 hours per week through the growing season (until Oct. 31). The volunteer will have a 4'x16' garden bed at no charge. The Volunteer Coordinator will work with gardeners to schedule the work that needs to be done and to generally oversee work parties, tools and supplies. Alice Bell and the garden committee will be on hand to train and help the volunteer coordinator. If you are interested, please call Alice Bell at (360) 220-8955. You will be glad you joined us.

As of this June edition of the Newsletter, Alice Bell continues as the garden coordinator through September 30th. Fred Meyer Store donated four new hoses for the garden, worth $200. Our thanks to Joanna O'Connell for arranging the donation.

When you walk by the Cordata Community Garden, notice our shed with white trim. This was donated and built by the Building Industries of Whatcom County. Our gardener, Chris Calverley was the successful liaison.

Other Cordata Neighborhood News

We are still waiting for the construction to start for the Round-About to be installed at Cordata Parkway and Stuart Road. It should begin any time now.

The large apartment complex at the East end of Stuart Road, The Parkview Apartments, is scheduled to be open for rentals in July of this year.  

The MNAC Report from Mike Brunt

The Mayor’s Neighborhood Associations Commission

To learn more about goings-on in the city of Bellingham and our 25 neighborhoods you should consider attending the Mayor’s Neighborhood Association Commission [MNAC] which meets the third Wednesday each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Bellingham Library in the lower floor conference room. 
   In May, 2018, Police Chief David Doll gave an update about bike theft prevention. Register your bike with the city including its serial number and consider some other mark of your own. One of the best locks is the type in the shape of a “U.”
   Gina Austin of the Bellingham Parks & Recreation Department gave a tour of the nearly completed Waypoint Park (across from Holly Street), part of Bellingham’s waterfront development.
   As usual, the last part of each meeting includes brief comments of activity by each of the 25 Bellingham neighborhoods.

City of Bellingham-Department Heads
Who to Contact

City Hall, Mayor Kelli Linville: (360) 778-8000, Email info@cob.org

Parks and Recreation Department: Leslie Bryson, Director. Email parks@cob.org, (360) 778-7665

Planning and Community Development Department: Rick Sepler, Director, Email planning@cob.org (360) 778-8300

Police Department: Cordata Neighborhood Officer: Dante Alexander, Email dalexander@cob.org, (360) 778-8639

Bellingham Public Library: Nancy Kerr, Library Director, Email nekerr@cob.org (360) 778-7221

For all other COB Department Heads go to www.cob.org/contacts. This is the City of Bellingham web site. 

A Report from CNA President Ralph Myers
I recently underwent a medical procedure of having an upgraded Pacemaker installed. Although potentially dangerous, it went off without a hitch (for which I am thankful.) However, one of the restrictions was I was not permitted to drive for 2 weeks. No problem! I started using the WTA Buses, experimenting by randomly taking different numbered lines  and learning about them, where they went, what routes, time schedules. I was both amazed and pleased with the ease of which I could get around, and the time flexibility I had. I was able to go to a scheduled medical appointment and arrived with time to spare. Also, to add icing to the cake, since I am over 75 years old I was able to obtain a "Gold Card, Preferred Customer Pass. This card is free and I was able to get around Bellingham at no charge. Since I live in the Cordata Neighborhood, I simply boarded the #24 Bus to the WTA's Cordata Station and from their I could get a connecting bus that would take me to anywhere I wanted or needed to go. 
For those of you that are disabled and can't walk or get to the closest bus stop I know the WTA has services that will pick you up from your residence and drop you off at the destination you need to get to. That service is called Paratransit and you can find out more by calling (360) 733-1144 or going to    www.ridewta.com. which is the WTA's Webpage.
Being an older senior I learned quickly that being unable to drive didn't have to stop me from getting around, and since I am able to walk and get around using the bus has also increased my exercising by walking the short distances I need to get to a nearby WTA bus stop.
I now will use the WTA more often, especially since the price of gasoline is at its highest level in two years.

Attention all Writers!
Whatcom Community College announces the upcoming 8th annual Chuckanut Writers Conference will be held on June 22 and 23, 2018 at WCC.
This intensive craft-focused, cross-genre symposium is designed to inspire writers of all experience levels through breakout sessions and panel discussions led by talented authors, meeting with respected literary agents as well as author readings and book signings. Conference registration includes admission to a pre-conference special event, "An Evening with Natalie Goldberg, on Thursday, June 21, at 7 p.m in the Readings Gallery at Village Books in Fairhaven.  

A New Supply of the Cordata Neighborhood Association's History Book  will be available at the June 12, 2018 Meeting. The purchase price is $14.95 and will be autographed by Ralph Myers and Julianna Royal Guy upon purchase. All proceeds go to the association .

The Cordata Neighborhood Association is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. This newsletter and other association activities are funded primarily from membership dues which are $10 a year per residence. We also gladly accept donations which, like the membership dues, are tax deductible. We encourage your participation and support.
Board of Directors: Julie Guy, Ralph Myers, Mike Brunt, Carol Dukes, Bev Jacobs, Marisa Ellis, Pat Lynam