August 2018
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Upcoming Events
Please remember, there won't be any monthly neighborhood meeting in August, 2018. Meetings will resume on September 11, 2018. Have a wonderful summer and see you in September. It will be held at the Birchwood Presbyterian Church, 400 N. Meadowbrook, Bellingham, WA 98226 at 7PM.
Parkview Apartments Open
The new apartment complex, Parkview Apartments built by Rob Janicki opened in July 2018. They are located at the end of Stuart and there are 88 units.
N ews Item
T he City of Bellingham Parks Department is making plans to finish developing Cordata Park with Picnic Pavilion, Restrooms, Play area and parking. They will be ready to go when Horton is extended, hopefully in 2019.
News Item
Watch for plans from the Liibrary Board for the 500 sq. ft. of space in the new building at WCC... again a year or two away.
News Item
Construction of the Stuart and Cordata Roundabout should start any day now, however, the Public Works Department doesn't have an exact date yet.
News Item
Watch for details on our September general meeting to be held on September 11, 2018. The Community Coop will be featured.
The wonderful Cordata Community Garden is flourishing this year. The CNA Board of Directors is working to find a donor for a new shed which will be used for tools and supplies. The old shed was donated ten years ago by Dawson Construction, but it is now worn out. If you know of any possible donors let a board member know.

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