Celebrating 25 years of the FMEC
The FMEC is unique among all other family medicine organizations by its ability to cross institutional barriers as well as partnering with employers, insurers, foundations and many others who are vital to creating health for our communities. In many ways the FMEC serves as an incubator for student interest and engagement in family medicine, new and junior faculty, leadership development, and new and novel ideas that transform how health is delivered. Congratulations on your 25 years! I see a bright future ahead.
Stan Kozakowski, MD, FAAFP, Retired Director, AAFP Division of Medical Education
Faculty/Fellow/Resident/Medical Student:   March 13
Year 1-4 Medical Student POSTER ONLY:   August 1
2020 FMEC Annual Meeting / October 2-4
Join us at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City
in Arlington, Virginia for the 2020 FMEC Annual Meeting / October 2-4

Residency Coordinators: Please complete the Residency Fair registration form first. The Residency Director and FREE resident are both registered via this form.

 (Stay tuned for additional pre-conferences to be announced)
2020 FMEC Winter Board Meeting
The FMEC Board of Trustees held their winter Board meeting at the Hyatt Crystal City in Crystal City, VA. It was a first Board meeting for Don Beckstead, MD, Mitch Kaminski, MD and Andrea Anderson, MD. A wide range of issues were discussed. The Board also had a chance to walk the space where our fall meeting will be held. We sampled a number of vegetarian dishes and found the menu options to be enjoyable. We also had a chance to check out nearby restaurants. We are looking forward to a successful and exciting meeting this fall!
What have I learned as a doctor and what will you learn from 'A Doctor's Dozen'?
February 8, 2020 / Dr. Catherine Florio Pipas

Now that I have written a book, everyone asks: what is my book about? For 25 years as a Family Physician, I have asked myself, what can I learn from others? What strategies can I apply to sustain wellness in my own life and what can I share with others to promote their well-being? I have come to realize, (despite medical training) that prioritizing my own health is never selfish - it allows me to better care for others and to create a culture of wellness! Read More
We transform practice performance through exam room innovation using our nationally-recognized TCM Model.
This company and the team training model that they offer was developed by a Family Physician, Peter Anderson, MD. We checked them out very carefully and believe they offer a service, medical transcribing training, that will increase quality and productivity of a Family Practice office.

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