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Issue #120 March 22, 2022

Board News

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Annual Meeting

The Annual Members meeting will be held March 28 at 1:00p.m. at Estero Country Club.

Board Candidates Needed

Candidates are needed to fill the board vacancy for Vintage Trace Circle. Interested residents must give written notice to the Association on or before March 29, 2022. Please contact Ashley Richardson at Pegasus Property Management for additional information.

Notice of Intent
Candidate Information
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Special Members Meeting

A Special Members meeting will be held on April 13 at 1:00 P.M. at the Estero Country Club for the purpose of electing a director to represent Vintage Trace Circle homeowners on the VCA Board of Directors. Please note that only homeowners on Vintage Trace can vote in this election.

Architectural Guidelines and Forms

New Architectural Guidelines and Forms were adopted at the February 28th VCA Board meeting. There are separate guidelines for New Construction, Additions and Tear Down/Rebuilds and Modifications, Renovations and Repairs. They are available on the Documents tab on the VCA website (

Please note that any change to the exterior of your property requires an ARC Form and prior approval by the VCA Board.

The Vines CA News

Life Saving Information

There are 5 defibrillators on property at Estero Country Club. One is mounted to the wall in each of the following locations :

Dining Room Service Station across from kitchen entrance

Golf Shop (by door facing golf course)

Racket Shop

Fitness Center (by door to main clubhouse)

Golf Course Maintenance Shed


Lake Restoration in Progress


Restoration of the lake bank at Lost Creek is underway by Crosscreek Environmental.

The areas to be restored are marked by stakes.


A black Geotextile membrane is used to cover the area to be restored.


Sediment is pumped from the bottom of the lake using floating suction dredge into the membrane to create the desired slope. The excess water drains through the membrane leaving the solid soils behind.

The Geotexile will be covered with soil and sod. Littorals, aquatic plants, will be planted along the new shoreline to prevent future erosion. The littorals have the added benefit of enhancing the habitat for wildlife.

Tree Removal

All tree removals require an ARC Form and prior permission of the VCA. Proof that the tree removal contractor is licensed and insured is required to be submitted with the ARC Form. In addition, a permit from the Village of Estero is required for the removal of protected trees including some palms.

Read This BEFORE You Drain Your Pool!

Please note that if you need to drain your pool the Florida Department of Environmental Protection prohibits draining water containing chlorine and other chemicals into storm sewers or any body of water. This means that you cannot drain your pool onto your driveway or into the street. Pools must be drained into vegetated areas such as your lawn.

Page 3 of the linked document contains helpful information on how to drain your pool without damaging your lawn.

Florida DEP Pool Drainage Guidence

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Get Involved Beyond Our Gates

The ECCL is a non-partisan, non-political, volunteer civic advocacy organization working at a grassroots level to serve as the "Voice of the People" and advocate for positive change in the Village of Estero.

To learn more about ECCL click on the link below.

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Village of Estero

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Jon McClain


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