April 2022
News and information regarding nutrition guidelines for caretakers of older adults, TV's coolest senior citizens, therapy for family caregivers and more!
Nutrition as We Age: Healthy Eating with the Dietary Guidelines
Health.gov advises on healthy eating for older adults in order to boost longevity and ward off chronic illnesses.

Golfing may prevent cognitive decline
Study outlined in the Daily Mail results show golfing can reduce the risk of cognitive decline by one-third.

TV’s Coolest Senior Citizens
Beloved older TV characters show audiences that it is not "all downhill from here" after the age of 65.

Despite new research that shows most older adults still want to age in place, assisted living can make sense.

‘First-of-its-kind’ nasal spray that prevents COVID-19 could be available this year
Researchers at Cornell University are predicting a nasal spray that treats illness and blocks COVID-19 could be available in 6 months.

Connection found between vitamin deficiency and dementia in recent study
Read more about how this study made the connection and how to boost folate levels in blood to lessen risk of contracting dementia.

6 Benefits of Eating Nuts for Older Adults
U.S. News discusses many ways eating nuts can contribute to an aging person's health.

New therapy fostering understanding reduces depression and anxiety in family caregivers
Family caregivers have increased levels of stress and symptoms of depression. MIT has created a program that could help.

Exercise Can Help Older Adults Retain Memories
Exercise aids in maintaining a healthy functioning brain, according to the Good News Network.


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