March 2021
News and information regarding COVID-19 vaccine scams, coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder, an upcoming expansion project in Lansing, Illinois, and more.
Expansion Project for St. Anthony of Lansing Approved
Thank you to the Lansing Village Board for approving expansion plans.
The expansion will enable us to offer a continuum of housing and care for older adults that encompass townhomes for low-income adults 62 and older; the existing Supportive Living Community for adults 65 and older who need some help to maintain their independence; and Supportive Living Memory Care for adults 65 and older with Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

Tips to Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder
With winter upon us, we must work to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the "winter blues". 
SAD is related to fewer hours of sunlight and cold weather. It usually begins in late fall and dissipates by spring when sunlight is more abundant. 
Seniors Guide provides us with additional information about SAD, as well as tips for managing or avoiding it.

Beware of COVID-19
Vaccine Scams
Government officials warn consumers and older adults of COVID-19 vaccine scams, especially as the vaccines become more readily available. There are a few things you can do to avoid falling victim.

Cedar Grove SuperBowl Celebration Makes Headlines
“It’s something to get excited about.”
Staff and residents at Cedar Grove Assisted Living had a fun, yet socially distanced Super Bowl Sunday in February. Some donned jerseys, and they were pretty evenly split in who they rooted for.

Advice for Properly Communicating with Your Loved One's Doctor
An older adult may "showtime" and not always be honest with their physician. This can be done out of fear, embarrassment, denial or any number of reasons. As caregivers, how can we help our loved ones talk to the doctor honestly? AgingCare provides 8 tips.

Nothing Beats This New Activity at Glasswater Creek of Plainfield
Resident Service Coordinators in each of the Gardant-managed communities work to develop engagement activities for residents. Glasswater Creek of Plainfield added Cardio Drumming to their activity calendar this month. We are always impressed and proud of their creativity!

"My COVID-19 Experience" with Teresa Wester-Peters
Teresa Wester-Peters, Vice President of Operations for Gardant Management Solutions, discusses her experience having the COVID-19 virus. She talks about why she chose to get the vaccine and offers some final advice for those considering the vaccine.

Understanding Insomnia
While an occasional sleepless night is experienced by most people, regularly having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is considered insomnia.
According to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, among older adults, nearly 48% experience a symptom of insomnia. Understanding the causes can help in preventing or treating it.


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