May 2021
News and information regarding a recent ribbon cutting for the Bardwell Residences' sales office, aging skin conditions, tips for better sleep, National Humor Month and more.
When You Can't Be a Caregiver Anymore
Caregiving is a large commitment, both physically and mentally. There are times when you may come to realize that you can no longer do so for one reason or another. When that happens, A Place for Mom provides assistance in having that discussion with your family.

Gardant Residents Highlight How Much Life Has Changed
Gardant residents were surveyed during the past year about their lives growing up. The responses indicate just how much life has changed over the decades.

Setting Boundaries When Aging Parents Get Needy provides tips for setting boundaries and helping seniors find their happiness in times when they may seem extra needy.

Skin Conditions As You Age
As we age, our skin undergoes changes impacted by lifestyle, diet and personal habits. Sun damage is a primary culprit for skin damage. WebMD discusses common skin conditions, potential treatments and preventative measures.

Tips for Better Sleep
Sleep researchers are showing a rise in COVID-related sleep issues. Anxiety and staying indoors are among the top reasons why. 

Sleep is known to have restorative powers and is an immune system booster. It is important to get adequate sleep for your well-being. 

The National Council on Aging provides tips for getting better sleep each night.

April is National Humor Month
Rick Banas reminds us of the importance of laughter and all of its health and wellness benefits.

Hydration Has Many Health Benefits
Older adults are more at risk for dehydration than younger individuals. Symptoms can be subtle or severe, but lack of water in older adults can have significant impact.

Basic Exercises to Build Strength During COVID-19 Pandemic
Many bodily changes are likely to have occurred during this COVID-19 pandemic. Several studies have indicated weight gain, muscle loss and balance changes, to name a few. AARP provides a few basic exercises to help restore strength and balance. Please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise routines.


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