April 2021
News and information regarding a memory care expansion in Noblesville, IN, staying connected during the pandemic, National Nutrition Month, a recent Medicaid policy change and more.
Loneliness and Social Isolation: Tips to Stay Connected
Regulations vary per state and county, but one thing remains. You are still able to communicate with older adult loved ones regardless of any regulations in place. If you cannot visit in person, take advantage of FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. 

Gardant-managed communities work with residents and family members to coordinate video calls for anyone interested.

March Was National Nutrition Month
We are all invited to learn more about healthy eating and physical activity.

Visit the EatRight website for more information.

COVID-19 Restrictions Gradually Lifting Across Gardant-Managed Communities
A year ago, small group dining may not have been a huge deal. Fast forward through COVID, and we are excited that many Gardant-managed communities are able to resume small group dining! Residents are able to have meals with their friends and neighbors once more!
Medicaid Policy Change
Read about the recent Medicaid policy change. Gardant Management Solutions’ CEO, Rod Burkett, explains the emphasis on wellness in long term care and what this holds for the future.

Easy Ways to Get Moving
For many of us, a New Year's Resolution is to become more physically active. SeniorNews discusses easy ways to get started with that goal.

Coping With Change As We Grow Older
Big changes can come with aging. The changes can occur suddenly, or they can happen gradually over time. They can impact our body and our mind – sometimes one; sometimes both.

Vaccinations Tied to Drop in Nursing Home Infections
A drop in nursing home infections is a welcome change to the dreary pandemic news we've seemed to read so often over the past year.

Thank You Caregivers!
Thank you to all social workers for your selfless dedication. We honor you today, all month and all year long.

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