July 2022
News and information regarding Gardant-managed community winning the National Silver Quality Award, tips for lowering risk of dementia, cell phone options for seniors, the surprising effects of social media on older adults, and more!
Indiana Candidate for Congress Visits Belvedere Senior Housing
Jennifer-Ruth Green, an Indiana candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives visited residents and spoke at Belvedere Senior Housing in Merrillville.

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Study offers new evidence that drinking coffee can protect against Alzheimer’s disease
Studies show a connection between drinking coffee and the slowing of cognitive decline in older people.

The surprising reason why you should drink more water as you age
It is essential to drink more water as a person ages, according to current research.

Top Cellphone Options for Seniors
Finding a phone that offers the safety and tech features you need without being too complicated is possible. These cellphones are best for older users.

World Brain Day is July 22
Celebrate World Brain Day as we remember the importance of mental health.

Survey finds elderly happier, more content and healthier feeling than you might imagine
“Happiness in older age isn’t about wealth, beauty, or any of the other standards typically associated with youth-driven pop culture,” the study authors wrote on AARP. “As people age, an optimism and contentment emerge in parallel with an alignment of expectations and realities.”

Senior’s Guide to TikTok
TikTok has increased popularity with seniors looking to connect with their younger loved ones including children and grandchildren.

Disability inclusion tactics vs. strategy – what’s the difference?
Forbes explains the differences and the importance of having strategy precede tactics in order to reach inclusion goals for disabled people.

94-year-old crossing guard retires after 57 years at New Jersey school
Read about how Claire Bauman was sent off for a happy retirement after a decades long career as a crossing guard by her community at Horace Mann Elementary School.

Could a yearly trip to the eye doctor keep dementia away?
Studies show a percentage of dementia cases are caused by preventable vision loss.

Social Media helps improve mood among older adults by enriching their in-person encounters
In contrast to effects on young adults, older adults are shown to have positive effects on mood in using social media in the midst of pandemic.


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