February 2022
News and information regarding Heritage Woods of Ottawa's new dietary technology, how multivitamins can slow cognitive decline, the importance of social interaction for older adults, and more!
Study finds older adults are not having their hearing checked enough
Poll shows significant lack of testing for hearing loss among older adults, especially women.

Illinois government officials deliver valentines to Gardant-managed community residents
Heritage Woods community residents celebrated Valentine's Day with a special visit from Illinois Senator Dave Syverson and State Representative Jeff Keicher. Syverson and Keicher met with residents and hand-delivered valentines at Heritage Woods of Belvidere, Heritage Woods of DeKalb, and Heritage Woods of Rockford. This was part of the Republican Caucus's 2nd Annual Valentine's for Seniors Card Drive.
Lifestyle is key to determining longevity according to new poll
According to a CBS News poll, lifestyle tops the list as a main factor in determining longevity. This ranked higher than a person’s genes, economic status and where a person lives, among others factors.
Interestingly enough, there is little consensus on what age range is considered “old” amongst Americans. Results of the poll show variance, but most tend to agree it starts around 60 years old.

February is Black History Month
Gardant Management Solutions celebrates Black History Month as an observance of the amazing accomplishments, achievements, and influence of the Black community.
Number of adults with disabilities rise in U.S.
According to U.S. News, an increasing number of American adults indicate they have a physical or mental disability. Common types include mobility, cognitive/mental, hearing and vision.
A Johns Hopkins Medicine news release reports that the aging population may be the likely culprit for the rise in disabilities since 2016.

Multivitamin may slow cognitive decline in older adults
It is possible, according to a recent clinical trial, that taking a daily multivitamin may slow cognitive decline in older adults. Questions remain, but researchers are looking for inexpensive and accessible means for prevention.

Touching Lives - Providing Dignified Lifestyles
Minooka resident speaks highly of her home at Heritage Woods. Read about Carolyn's experience in her own words below.

"Do you deserve the best? Then come and check out Heritage Woods of Minooka! It was the best change I have ever made. Not quite 3 years old, very clean, good maintenance, staff is super. Can talk to them most anytime. Food is good – there is lots to do, crafts, puzzles etc. Lots of good entertainment. You are free to do what you choose to do. It’s great spending my senior years in this wonderful place. (where I have everything I need), and a wonderful family. If you don’t believe this come see for yourself!" – Carolyn S.
Social interaction is imperative for successful aging
For those who find themselves lonely because of isolation, why not move to an environment that provides a wealth of opportunities to socialize with friends old and new and participate in social, recreational, educational and wellness activities and programs. More and more research indicates that social interaction is one of the biggest keys to successful aging.

Leading the way in senior living
Gardant Management Solutions provides high quality, affordable and sustainable assisted living options for seniors from lower and middle-income families.

Older adults feel younger than their actual age
Age is but a number, and many Americans are embracing aging. A recent survey of adults 65 and older found that nearly 72% feel younger than they really are.

Financing secured for new senior living community in Valparaiso, Indiana
Evergreen Realty secures financing for a 120-apartment affordable assisted living community in Valparaiso, Indiana. Gardant Management Solutions is to manage the community. Green Oaks of Valparaiso is scheduled to open in the spring of 2023.


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